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The "/sitemap" page:

List some of the web pages offered by the Fossil web engine. This page is intended as a supplement to the menu bar on the main screen. That is, this page is designed to hold links that are omitted from the main menu due to lack of space.

Additional entries defined by the "sitemap-extra" setting are included in the sitemap. "sitemap-extra" should be a TCL script with three values per entry:

If the "e=1" query parameter is present, then the standard content is omitted and only the sitemap-extra content is shown. If "e=2" is present, then only the standard content is shown and sitemap-extra content is omitted.

If the "popup" query parameter is present and this is a POST request from the same origin, then the normal HTML header and footer information is omitted and the HTML text returned is just a raw "<ul>...</ul>".