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EuroTcl/OpenACS 11 - 12 JULY 2024, VIENNA

The "/praise" page:

URL: /annotate?checkin=ID&filename=FILENAME URL: /blame?checkin=ID&filename=FILENAME URL: /praise?checkin=ID&filename=FILENAME

Show the most recent change to each line of a text file. /annotate shows the date of the changes and the check-in hash (with a link to the check-in). /blame and /praise also show the user who made the check-in.

Reverse Annotations: Normally, these web pages look at versions of FILENAME moving backwards in time back toward the root check-in. However, if the origin= query parameter is used to specify some future check-in (example: "origin=trunk") then these pages show changes moving towards that alternative origin. Thus using "origin=trunk" on an historical version of the file shows the first time each line in the file was changed or removed by any subsequent check-in.

Query parameters:

The check-in at which to start the annotation
The filename.
Show file versions rather than check-in versions
Limit the amount of analysis. LIMIT can be one of:
No limit
As much as can be computed in X seconds
N versions
Show a log of versions analyzed
The origin check-in. If unspecified, the root check-in over the entire repository is used. Specify "origin=trunk" or similar for a reverse annotation
Ignore whitespace