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History of pkgIndex.tcl

Tag BWidget 1.8.13 file: [79b1c0a99e] check-in: [51aca47e31] user: oehhar branch: bwidget, size: 3315
Tag release 1.9.12 file: [0a427b79a4] check-in: [3dfc3bb711] user: oehhar branch: bwidget, size: 3315
merge from branch bwidget file: [7365318621] check-in: [8fe69fee99] user: kjnash branch: patch-75101, size: 3315
Tagged version 1.9.11 file: [66055905d6] check-in: [02881ab4fd] user: oehhar branch: bwidget, size: 3287
Restore version to 1.9.10 file: [6f47c99f80] check-in: [97be7a20ab] user: adrianmedranocalvo branch: bug-c86207db01fc9ce0, size: 3287
Canonicalize name of auto_loaded commands.    Top-level commands should not have leading ::, but all others rest should. See auto_qualify commentary in Tcl's init.tcl.    See bug [c86207db01fc9ce0]. file: [56e288547a] check-in: [e49079d49e] user: adrianmedranocalvo branch: bug-c86207db01fc9ce0, size: 3285
BWidget 1.9.10 release file: [d17d43c935] check-in: [8c3ff9284a] user: oehhar branch: bwidget, size: 2844
BWidget 1.9.9 release file: [4cfcb1daab] check-in: [346e8c2d46] user: oehhar branch: bwidget, size: 2842
BWidget 1.9.8 tagged file: [f45687dca9] check-in: [099dbd69bd] user: oehhar branch: bwidget, size: 2842
BWidget 1.9.7 tagged file: [e846fd3a69] check-in: [f17c6bce83] user: oehhar branch: bwidget, size: 2842
New MultipleScrollableWidgets [Patch-1053086] file: [5652e4f15d] check-in: [30642ba1a6] user: oehhar branch: patch-1053086, size: 2957
Removed not existing reference generate-widget-doc from pckIndex.tcl [Bug d76eb15928] file: [36d652ffe4] check-in: [a85038b0ba] user: oehhar branch: bwidget, size: 2842
SelectColor widget enhancements: traceable variable, setable background, visual changes [patch75101] file: [ba7a2d05c4] check-in: [6f1b04a125] user: oehhar branch: patch-75101, size: 2942
2012-07-27 [email protected] BWidget 1.9.6 tagged file: [1cec392bf6] check-in: [d596cecffe] user: oehhar branch: bwidget, size: 2916
BWidget 1.9.5 tagged file: [3de59fad06] check-in: [ad86537b47] user: oehhar branch: bwidget, size: 2916
pckIndex.tcl: corrected package version file: [9388fc76fd] check-in: [3d7698c00e] user: oehhar branch: bwidget, size: 2916
packageIndex updated for 1.9.4 file: [a27faca6dc] check-in: [2913e4c2db] user: oehhar branch: bwidget, size: 2916
BWidget 1.9.3 Tagged file: [71b074110b] check-in: [d38f04ddb9] user: oehhar branch: bwidget, size: 2916
Set Version to 1.9.2 file: [fba6f8793a] check-in: [a38cfa7a68] user: oehhar branch: bwidget, size: 2916
*** continous developement, some small improvements file: [90c7a03c25] check-in: [9c53cf5397] user: oberdorfer branch: trunk, size: 3308
updated to 1.9.1, themeutils.tcl added, requ. initialization sequence file: [60af3222ea] check-in: [2917f5e0c1] user: oberdorfer branch: trunk, size: 3256
Changed page version from 1.8 to 1.9 file: [69d894c9de] check-in: [94ff035b54] user: oehhar branch: trunk, size: 2912
**** BWIDGET 1.8.0 TAGGED ****    * pkgIndex.tcl, README.txt: updated to BWidget 1.8    * removed and aclocal.m4 file: [f0327fc7d6] check-in: [90899ff10e] user: dev_null42a branch: trunk, size: 2912
* pkgIndex.tcl: removed bogus "ControlFrame" entry [bug 1429405]    * MainFrame man page: fixed some typos on man page    * mainframe.tcl: fixed status bar placement when it is re-shown after a [showstatusbar none] command [bug 1027568] file: [4cbded73c5] check-in: [2bf0fd3b5e] user: dev_null42a branch: trunk, size: 2912
Changed version number due to changes in Notebook.tcl file: [72d13ed30b] check-in: [a8cf1bf7c7] user: gwlester branch: trunk, size: 2989
* panelframe.tcl (new): new PanelFrame widget which creates a * pkgIndex.tcl: frame with boxed title area that accepts * additional widgets. * BWman/contents.html: * BWman/navtree.html: * BWman/PanelFrame.html (new): file: [cf1bfd023a] check-in: [57cc13b104] user: hobbs branch: trunk, size: 2989
* statusbar.tcl (new): Addition of a statusbar container widget * pkgIndex.tcl: with resize control * * BWman/contents.html: * BWman/navtree.html: * BWman/StatusBar.html (new): file: [04ca1771b9] check-in: [9864f36163] user: hobbs branch: trunk, size: 2917
This is a huge commit with a lot of changes. I've tested through it with the demo as well as some of my own software, and everything seems to be working properly. I have no doubt that there will be little inconsistencies discovered through some thorough use.    Please checkout this latest version and give it a spin through your applications and tests. I am available to fix any and every bug that crops up, as I want to see this in really good shape for the next ActiveTcl release (which will follow the next Tcl release shortly).    * arrow.tcl, bitmap.tcl, button.tcl, buttonbox.tcl, color.tcl, * combobox.tcl, dialog.tcl, dragsite.tcl, dropsite.tcl, entry.tcl * font.tcl, label.tcl, labelentry.tcl, labelframe.tcl, listbox.tcl * mainframe.tcl, messagedlg.tcl, notebook.tcl, pagesmgr.tcl * panedw.tcl, passwddlg.tcl, progressbar.tcl, progressdlg.tcl * scrollframe.tcl, scrollview.tcl, scrollw.tcl, separator.tcl * spinbox.tcl, titleframe.tcl, tree.tcl, utils.tcl, widget.tcl * xpm2image.tcl: Revamp again to let core Widget commands handle most of the esoteric work of creating and destroying widgets properly in the BWidget environment.    The command Widget::define defines a class, its filename and a list of classes which it uses. This command handles creating the command to create new widgets, creates a ::use command for the class and calls the ::use command for each class included.    The command Widget::create does the renaming of the widget to $path:cmd and creates the proc to redirect the widget commands.    Widget::destroy now does the rename $path "" that almost all widgets do.    * button.tcl: Added a -state option to configure the state of the entire box at once.    Added new insert and delete subcommands.    Added an after cancel to stop button repeat upon release. [Bug 697022]    * combobox.tcl: Added -bwlistbox, -listboxwidth and -hottrack options. -images option already existed, but now it actually does something.    Added getlistbox, get, icursor, post and unpost subcommands.    * dynhelp.tcl: Added add subcommand to replace the (now) deprecated register command. The new command adds for a lot more flexibility in applying dynamic help.    Help popup now comes up -topmost 1 on Windows if available.    * entry.tcl: Added -disabledbackground option so that the BWidget entry more closely resembles the standard Tk entry. [Bug 638236].    * init.tcl: Moved Widget::traverseTo into widget.tcl.    * label.tcl: Renamed BWLabel class to just Label.    * listbox.tcl: Added a default -dropcmd so that if -dragenabled and -dropenabled are true, drag-and-drop within the same widget is possible without any other options.    Added -autofocus option to specify that clicking within the listbox should draw the focus in order to handle mouse wheel events.    Added -selectfill option for drawing a full selection rectangle around selected items instead of just around the item.    Added getcanvas subcommand. [Bug 436762].    bindImage and bindText now map %W to $path in order to get an accurate path in events. This can probably be fixed better when we have more control over event parameters. [Bug 607745]    Added mouse wheel bindings by default.    Added <<ListboxSelect>> event when selection changes.    * mainframe.tcl: Fixed bug for adding CTRL-F items to a mainframe [Bug 784269]    * messagedlg.tcl: Added -buttonwidth option.    * notebook.tcl: Added dynamic help to tabs.    Added -tabpady option to specify the padding between the text and the tab.    Notebooks now handle multi-line text properly. [Bug 565284]    * scrollview.tcl: Rewritten to use a variable per path instead of a big array.    * tree.tcl: Added -anchor option to nodes to specify the anchor for an image or window when displayed.    Added -crossopenimage, -crosscloseimage, -crossopenbitmap and -crossclosebitmap options to change the open / close cross.    Added mouse wheel bindings by default.    Added toggle subcommand to toggle a single tree node.    Added <<TreeSelect>> event when selection changes.    The characters "& | ^ !" are all converted to | silently in node names. This is to avoid errors because these characters are special to the canvas widget. [Bug 746960]    bindImage and bindText now map %W to $path in order to get an accurate path in events. This can probably be fixed better when we have more control over event parameters. [Bug 607745]    * utils.tcl: Added BWidget::wrongNumArgsString command to return a standard wrong # args error string.    Added BWidget::classes command that returns a list of all classes required by a given class.    Added BWidget::inuse command to determine if a given class is inuse.    Added BWidget::library command to return a body of code that can be saved into a project or other code based on the given classes. When called with a list of classes, all the classes and code necessary to use those classes is returned in a large string which can then be written out to a file.    Added BWidget::write command to write to a given file the current set of classes that are in use.    Added BWidget::bindMouseWheel command to setup default mouse bindings on a given widget.    * widget.tcl: Added a new option type 'Padding' which will accept the standard padding arguments in Tcl 8.4+.    Added Widget::define command to define a new BWidget class.    Added Widget::create command to create a BWidget properly.    Widget::destroy now attempts to delete a widget command created through Widget::create.    Added Widget::options command to return the current options of a given widget in a style that can be used to serialize a widget.    Added Widget::getOption command to get options based on children having the same option.    * wizard.tcl: Added new Wizard widget. file: [6977d6ac2a] check-in: [b363fd16f2] user: damonc branch: trunk, size: 2849
bumped to v1.6 file: [5edf0db3c5] check-in: [25ea388b96] user: hobbs branch: trunk, size: 2733
* BWman/SelectColor.html * color.tcl: Cleaned up some of the documentation of SelectColor and made it actually work like the documentation says it does.    * BWman/DynamicHelp.html * dynhelp.tcl: Added -topbackground, -padx and -pady options to allow a little more flexibility in the look-and-feel of balloons.    Added the ability to bind dynamic help to individual items or tags on a canvas.    * BWman/Tree.html * tree.tcl: Added -padx and -deltax options to individual nodes within a tree. Each option defaults to -1, meaning to take its value from the global option of the same name.    Added dynamic help to nodes within a tree. Adds the following options: -helptext, -helptype and -helpvar to each node.    * BWman/BWidget.html * utils.tcl: Added BWidget::badOptionString utility to return a standard error string when a given option doesn't match a list.    * BWman/Widget.html * widget.tcl: Added Widget::getVariable proc to create a reference to a variable relative to the given widget path. file: [19d61c3064] check-in: [ecd5aec25e] user: damonc branch: trunk, size: 2733
* pkgIndex.tcl: * bump version to 1.5 file: [60143de415] check-in: [0c25286c24] user: hobbs branch: trunk, size: 2634
uped version to 1.4.1 file: [631721fcf4] check-in: [031c28da0a] user: hobbs branch: trunk, size: 2638
* * pkgIndex.tcl: * README.txt: bumped version to 1.4.0 (not released) file: [71c6e7d1cd] check-in: [053e2f358e] user: hobbs branch: trunk, size: 2638
* pkgIndex.tcl: bumped version to 1.3.1 and added Tk 8.1.1 package require as Tcl 8.1.1 is needed in certain core areas for the new string methods. file: [27e1f3cbd7] check-in: [6e599ef1b2] user: hobbs branch: trunk, size: 2638
* pkgIndex.tcl: Bumped version to 1.3.0.    * tree.tcl: Changed focus redirect to use {after idle} to avoid focus loops.    * label.tcl: Added -bd 0 -highlight... etc to wrapper frame; moved class bindings to the frame instead of the component label.    * utils.tcl: Added helper function BWidget::refocus, to handle focus redirection calls.    * spinbox.tcl: Changed focus redirect to use {after idle} to avoid focus loops.    * combobox.tcl: Changed init to parseArgs/initFromODB style; changed focus redirect to use {after idle} to avoid focus loops. file: [b9d7865f2d] check-in: [790e86ec6a] user: ericm branch: trunk, size: 2636
* widget.tcl: Added bits to handle $path#subclass_that_inherits_from_other_bw_class megawidget names.    * passwddlg.tcl: * progressdlg.tcl: * progressbar.tcl: Changed init to parseArgs/initFromODB style.    * pkgIndex.tcl: Changed Label -> BWLabel    * messagedlg.tcl: Changed initialization to parseArgs/initFromODB style. Changed to use tk_messageBox on UNIX.    * labelframe.tcl: Updated to use BWLabel instead of Label.    * labelentry.tcl: Added -class LabelEntry to widget.    * label.tcl: Changed class name to BWLabel (to avoid option db clashes with tk labels), changed initialization to parseArgs/initFromODB style.    * init.tcl: dropped obsolete Tree option from init.    * dialog.tcl: changed initialization to parseArgs/initFromODB style.    * dialog.tcl: added a -class option to the dialog, to allow the class of the dialog to be set (this enables proper optiondb use for things like the PasswdDlg). file: [615025bd29] check-in: [45d35a6ade] user: ericm branch: trunk, size: 2636
* images/target.xbm: Placeholder for actual icon.    * color.tcl: Change env(BWIDGET_LIBRARY) to ::BWIDGET::LIBRARY; changed proc "dialogue" to "dialog"    * pkgIndex.tcl: Updated function spec for color.tcl.    * widget.tcl: Various minor speed tweaks; added a reverse mapping from component widget options -> mega-widget options so that subcget can be faster.    * entry.tcl: * dropsite.tcl: * dragsite.tcl: * arrow.tcl: Tcl list'd the specs for Widget::declare calls.    * combobox.tcl: Removed extraneous ListBox::use call. file: [1a20c40966] check-in: [25c5681556] user: ericm branch: trunk, size: 2632
Changed env(BWIDGET_LIBRARY) to ::BWIDGET::LIBRARY everywhere. This makes BWidgets behave more nicely with tcltest. file: [8f04271a40] check-in: [149d9e6ba2] user: ericm branch: trunk, size: 2653
BWidget 1.2.1 import file: [c2cc4956ce] check-in: [48bc375a03] user: ericm branch: bwidget-vendor-branch, size: 2619 Added