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History of combobox.tcl

remove apparently unused procedure Widget::syncoptions and all calls. Ticket [3c2b8eafc6] file: [21597cb91b] check-in: [cc45806c6f] user: oehhar branch: bwidget, size: 30389
Themed ComboBox color specifications are honored [6c6704e40f] file: [e3b22f7f19] check-in: [73bdde118f] user: oehhar branch: bwidget, size: 30443
Fix combobox failure in themed mode [cc3b12e22f] file: [91217ee88b] check-in: [9c20e19e15] user: oehhar branch: bwidget, size: 30164
Add combobox method getentry to get path of entry component [Patch-2340355] file: [53c7a3369e] check-in: [38c05dab1f] user: oehhar branch: bwidget, size: 29877
* entry.tcl, BWMan/entry.tcl checkbox.tcl Themed mode: Invoking "configure" without arguments results in errors that non-ttk options are not present. Removed Entry options: -background -foreground -relief -borderwidth -fg -bg -bd. Reported by Wolfgang S. Kechel [Bug 3513263] * entry.tcl mapped entry option -state to ttk::entry state in themed mode to make state change visible. file: [5c078bc9ba] check-in: [2c3d9d4c82] user: oehhar branch: bwidget, size: 29601
combobox.tcl: [Bug 3182287] : ComboBox failes in themed mode due to the use of the themed entry widget. The following options are not supported (and thus called) any more: -relief -highlightbackground -highlightforeground file: [c0c02b0cd1] check-in: [343294abb5] user: oehhar branch: bwidget, size: 29394
* combobox hottrack motion bug fixed: "after idle" should fix the problem with very long listbox text items which caused under certain circumstances a complete crash (CDE freeze) this happened under AIX5.3 and CDE, running under tcl/Tk 8.4.7, file: [715b2988fc] check-in: [f7d90d78d3] user: oberdorfer branch: trunk, size: 29329
ttk style related change done file: [5cdf2c3caa] check-in: [eaa66ce996] user: oberdorfer branch: trunk, size: 28979
* dynhelp.tcl Use balloon help font TkTooltipFont [Patch 2835180] * dynhelp.tcl(DynamicHelp::_show_help)Replaced aqua conditional code check by $Widget::_aqua file: [15c52ef336] check-in: [c17d1f3e1b] user: oehhar branch: trunk, size: 28172
* notebook.tcl (NoteBook::delete) Method delete destroyframe=1 and reinsertion -> raise failed - state variables were deleted. [Bug 2831785] by kjnash * tree.tcl (Tree::_keynav) Fire virtual event <<TreeSelect>> also on keyboard navigation [Patch 2828086] by Kevin Walzer * combobox.tcl Replaced aqua conditional code check by $Widget::_aqua file: [5e563f7740] check-in: [2875678157] user: oehhar branch: bwidget, size: 28176
* notebook.tcl (NoteBook::delete) Method delete destroyframe=1 and reinsertion -> raise failed - state variables were deleted [Bug 2831785] by kjnash * tree.tcl (Tree::_keynav) Fire virtual event <<TreeSelect>> also on keyboard navigation [Patch 2828086] by Kevin Walzer * combobox.tcl Replaced aqua conditional code check by $Widget::_aqua file: [797240658c] check-in: [66f7bd69b2] user: oehhar branch: trunk, size: 28172
* combobox.tcl (ComboBox::_select) Do not export selection if -exportselection 0 [Patch 981545] by Jeffrey Hobbs file: [1e7cb3ac63] check-in: [a1671d7ee7] user: oehhar branch: trunk, size: 28253
* mainframe.tcl, MainFrame.html (MainFrame::getmenustate) Added method getmenustate to return menu tag state [Bug 948063] reported by Rolf Ade    * combobox.tcl (ComboBox::configure) Bug fixed: Widget did not take focus, when -editable false and "configure -state normal" called. [Bug 756334] reported by Rolf Ade    * widget.tcl (Widget::configure) Bug: ProgressDlg option -bg not setable. The special handling of subwidgets with special class or path ":cmd" was improved. [Bug 611477]    * notebook.tcl (NoteBook::_itemconfigure) Not honored option: itemconfigure ... -helptext [Patch 2814050] by Koen Danckaert file: [fa346e3f3b] check-in: [f39181862b] user: oehhar branch: trunk, size: 28332
* buttonbox.tcl (ButtonBox::_redraw) Bug corrected: -uniform gridding option is used if tcl version >= 8.4 (not 8.3). [Patch 2807147] by Koen Danckaert    * tree.tcl (Tree::_drop_cmd) If there is no node, drop didn't work. [Bug 1042613] reported by Rolf Ade    * Tree.html Bind commands: removed promise that %W would work in future. The underlying widgets should only be manipulated using the node id. [Bug 1224203] by Jasper Taylor, remarks by J. Tang    * Tree.html Bind commands: with -selectfill, the given command is overwritten for the background box. [Bug 1003962] by Torsten Berg    * dropsite.tcl (DropSite::register) Bug fixed: fails on multiple drop targets [Bug 1213123] by T.Neil    * combobox.tcl (ComboBox::_create_popup) Bug fixed: Return key in drop down list when -bwlistbox true [Bug 1205536] patch by Steve Landers    * combobox.tcl (ComboBox::_create_popup, ComboBox::_unmapliste) Mac aqua and x11 fixes, multi screen issue still open. [Bug 1451784] report by Jasper Taylor, fix by Kevin Walzer    * listbox.tcl (ListBox::_multiple_select) Selected item not deselected on control-click [Bug 1029144] reported by Konrad Rosenbaum file: [a7c8642dfd] check-in: [d4234674be] user: oehhar branch: trunk, size: 28037
* combobox.tcl (ComboBox::getvalue et al) fixed bug: getvalue returned first apearence of current data instead of clicked index, which may not be the same if values is not unique. Additional variable _index(path) added to hold click index [Bug 1610965] reported by Martin Lemburg file: [79293e0b56] check-in: [a758127e75] user: oehhar branch: trunk, size: 27586
* combobox.tcl (ComboBox::_create_popup) In dropdown list, a vertical scrollbar was always shown if horizantal is used. ScrolledWindow is now called with "-managed 1". [Patch 2807160] by Koen Danckaert file: [3cb261d88e] check-in: [f7a5fea0a1] user: oehhar branch: trunk, size: 26807
* combobox.tcl removed \ before empty line (potential trap) [Bug 2804961] Andreas Kupries * dialog.html Documented -geometry option. [Bug 1634416] Erik Leunissen file: [1e53b6ed65] check-in: [6f5cfcae9e] user: oehhar branch: trunk, size: 26807
Bug 1642050 fixed, Patch 981545 docommented file: [5abfdc3156] check-in: [5793cffffd] user: oehhar branch: trunk, size: 26809
* DragSite.html: noted that -draginitcmd can return an empty string to prevent a drag [bug 740499]    * DropSite.html: fixed documentation with DropSite::register command [bug 740474]    * combobox.tcl: allow autocomplete and autopost be enabled/disabled after the widget was created [bug 1588808]; fixed keysym in autopost binding [bug 1589111] file: [24c31e9f44] check-in: [4f8bff39bf] user: dev_null42a branch: trunk, size: 26682
* messagedlg.tcl: explicitly marked the 'Abort' button upon -type abortretryignore to be the default button [bug 970199]    * Tree.html: documented [find] and [line] commands [bug 626819]; noted bug with %W binding [bug 1224203]    * tree.tcl: added [bindArea] procedure; updated man page [patch 839066]    * combobox.tcl: added [clearvalue] proc to explicitly clear a ComboBox value, updated man page [patch 780704] file: [055497556d] check-in: [59aa07734c] user: dev_null42a branch: trunk, size: 25082
2006-08-21 J. Tang <[email protected]>    * combobox.tcl: unpost after autoposting when another Tk window gets the focus; unpost upon hitting the enter key    * scrollw.tcl: allow toggling of scrollbars [bug 1488712]    * Tree.html: corrected documentation for Tree::opencmd (callback does not append the path to the tree to the command) [bug 1507713]    * tree.tcl: disable keyboard navigation for empty trees [bug 1514855]    * tree.tcl: changed '-drawcross allways' to be '-drawcross always'; updated documentation file: [e8774011f1] check-in: [ce134fbc79] user: dev_null42a branch: trunk, size: 24785
Clarified dynamic help -variable option. Allow uppercase chars in ComboBox _auto_complete (bug 996569). Added -autopost option to ComboBox, updated man page (patch 1359041). file: [03075924d7] check-in: [b1e63f1c04] user: dev_null42a branch: trunk, size: 24731
code safety fixes file: [8856ae754b] check-in: [77d2799e69] user: hobbs branch: trunk, size: 22681
* tree.tcl (_draw_subnodes): Adjust the drawing of the line to the first root node to start at the vertical point (not go up).    * entry.tcl, arrow.tcl, combobox.tcl: better space/list handling    * entry.tcl: make the icursor not appear for non-editable and/or state disabled comboboxes. file: [e8d87af81a] check-in: [1db0c901a1] user: hobbs branch: trunk, size: 22703
* combobox.tcl: Fixed dropdown listbox selection for standard Tk listbox [Bug 831496]. file: [2a76aa8dba] check-in: [ffa1a67fb4] user: damonc branch: trunk, size: 22713
* combobox.tcl, listbox.tcl: Fixed keyboard navigation in the combobox drop down [Bug 831496].    * listbox.tcl: Added curselection subcommand to mimic Tk listbox behavior.    Added keyboard navigation to the listbox.    * widget.tcl: Added Widget::exists command to return whether a widget is a BWidget (based on whether it exists in the _class array).    Widget::destroy now properly unsets the widget's variable in the _class array. file: [18530b468c] check-in: [ccc0a40c43] user: damonc branch: trunk, size: 22711
This is a huge commit with a lot of changes. I've tested through it with the demo as well as some of my own software, and everything seems to be working properly. I have no doubt that there will be little inconsistencies discovered through some thorough use.    Please checkout this latest version and give it a spin through your applications and tests. I am available to fix any and every bug that crops up, as I want to see this in really good shape for the next ActiveTcl release (which will follow the next Tcl release shortly).    * arrow.tcl, bitmap.tcl, button.tcl, buttonbox.tcl, color.tcl, * combobox.tcl, dialog.tcl, dragsite.tcl, dropsite.tcl, entry.tcl * font.tcl, label.tcl, labelentry.tcl, labelframe.tcl, listbox.tcl * mainframe.tcl, messagedlg.tcl, notebook.tcl, pagesmgr.tcl * panedw.tcl, passwddlg.tcl, progressbar.tcl, progressdlg.tcl * scrollframe.tcl, scrollview.tcl, scrollw.tcl, separator.tcl * spinbox.tcl, titleframe.tcl, tree.tcl, utils.tcl, widget.tcl * xpm2image.tcl: Revamp again to let core Widget commands handle most of the esoteric work of creating and destroying widgets properly in the BWidget environment.    The command Widget::define defines a class, its filename and a list of classes which it uses. This command handles creating the command to create new widgets, creates a ::use command for the class and calls the ::use command for each class included.    The command Widget::create does the renaming of the widget to $path:cmd and creates the proc to redirect the widget commands.    Widget::destroy now does the rename $path "" that almost all widgets do.    * button.tcl: Added a -state option to configure the state of the entire box at once.    Added new insert and delete subcommands.    Added an after cancel to stop button repeat upon release. [Bug 697022]    * combobox.tcl: Added -bwlistbox, -listboxwidth and -hottrack options. -images option already existed, but now it actually does something.    Added getlistbox, get, icursor, post and unpost subcommands.    * dynhelp.tcl: Added add subcommand to replace the (now) deprecated register command. The new command adds for a lot more flexibility in applying dynamic help.    Help popup now comes up -topmost 1 on Windows if available.    * entry.tcl: Added -disabledbackground option so that the BWidget entry more closely resembles the standard Tk entry. [Bug 638236].    * init.tcl: Moved Widget::traverseTo into widget.tcl.    * label.tcl: Renamed BWLabel class to just Label.    * listbox.tcl: Added a default -dropcmd so that if -dragenabled and -dropenabled are true, drag-and-drop within the same widget is possible without any other options.    Added -autofocus option to specify that clicking within the listbox should draw the focus in order to handle mouse wheel events.    Added -selectfill option for drawing a full selection rectangle around selected items instead of just around the item.    Added getcanvas subcommand. [Bug 436762].    bindImage and bindText now map %W to $path in order to get an accurate path in events. This can probably be fixed better when we have more control over event parameters. [Bug 607745]    Added mouse wheel bindings by default.    Added <<ListboxSelect>> event when selection changes.    * mainframe.tcl: Fixed bug for adding CTRL-F items to a mainframe [Bug 784269]    * messagedlg.tcl: Added -buttonwidth option.    * notebook.tcl: Added dynamic help to tabs.    Added -tabpady option to specify the padding between the text and the tab.    Notebooks now handle multi-line text properly. [Bug 565284]    * scrollview.tcl: Rewritten to use a variable per path instead of a big array.    * tree.tcl: Added -anchor option to nodes to specify the anchor for an image or window when displayed.    Added -crossopenimage, -crosscloseimage, -crossopenbitmap and -crossclosebitmap options to change the open / close cross.    Added mouse wheel bindings by default.    Added toggle subcommand to toggle a single tree node.    Added <<TreeSelect>> event when selection changes.    The characters "& | ^ !" are all converted to | silently in node names. This is to avoid errors because these characters are special to the canvas widget. [Bug 746960]    bindImage and bindText now map %W to $path in order to get an accurate path in events. This can probably be fixed better when we have more control over event parameters. [Bug 607745]    * utils.tcl: Added BWidget::wrongNumArgsString command to return a standard wrong # args error string.    Added BWidget::classes command that returns a list of all classes required by a given class.    Added BWidget::inuse command to determine if a given class is inuse.    Added BWidget::library command to return a body of code that can be saved into a project or other code based on the given classes. When called with a list of classes, all the classes and code necessary to use those classes is returned in a large string which can then be written out to a file.    Added BWidget::write command to write to a given file the current set of classes that are in use.    Added BWidget::bindMouseWheel command to setup default mouse bindings on a given widget.    * widget.tcl: Added a new option type 'Padding' which will accept the standard padding arguments in Tcl 8.4+.    Added Widget::define command to define a new BWidget class.    Added Widget::create command to create a BWidget properly.    Widget::destroy now attempts to delete a widget command created through Widget::create.    Added Widget::options command to return the current options of a given widget in a style that can be used to serialize a widget.    Added Widget::getOption command to get options based on children having the same option.    * wizard.tcl: Added new Wizard widget. file: [7d014ff2be] check-in: [b363fd16f2] user: damonc branch: trunk, size: 22704
* arrow.tcl, bitmap.tcl, button.tcl, buttonbox.tcl, color.tcl, * combobox.tcl, dialog.tcl, dragsite.tcl, dropsite.tcl, entry.tcl * font.tcl, label.tcl, labelentry.tcl, labelframe.tcl, listbox.tcl * mainframe.tcl, messagedlg.tcl, notebook.tcl, pagesmgr.tcl * panedw.tcl, passwddlg.tcl, progressbar.tcl, progressdlg.tcl * scrollframe.tcl, scrollview.tcl, scrollw.tcl, separator.tcl * spinbox.tcl, titleframe.tcl, tree.tcl, utils.tcl, widget.tcl * xpm2image.tcl: major revamp to reduce incorrect use of eval and other list-safetiness evils. Also change !strcomp to streq. file: [1c144c2ab8] check-in: [ebde8e280e] user: hobbs branch: trunk, size: 18063
Fix for bug #720032 "BWidget breaks Tk entry behaviour" file: [d062bf2f46] check-in: [bb7a1f845a] user: jenglish branch: trunk, size: 18071
* combobox.tcl: Added a little better handling of keys in the auto-complete. file: [a333c99513] check-in: [5cb54da8ad] user: damonc branch: trunk, size: 19075
* combobox.tcl: Added a rudimentary auto-complete function with option (-autocomplete) that is turned off by default. Over time, I'm sure this function can be improved, but I think it works pretty well for now.    * BWman/ComboBox.tcl: Added documentation for -autocomplete. file: [ac666b945b] check-in: [6c5562c1f7] user: damonc branch: trunk, size: 19011
* utils.tcl (BWidget::focus): add optional refocus arg * combobox.tcl: make droplist use solid 1-pixel relief more in accordance with Windows style. Set topmost attribute on droplist. Add bindings that unmap the droplist if we lose focus to another application (where [focus] == ""), without refocusing to the entry. file: [67fdbbb511] check-in: [fa48aa6dee] user: hobbs branch: trunk, size: 18295
* combobox.tcl (ComboBox::_expand): add tab expansion behavior when -expand tab is specified (ComboBox::_focus_in): autohighlight full contents only when no existing selection exists. [Bug #720024]    * BWman/ComboBox.html: doc -expand none|tab file: [4caa9ab84e] check-in: [21a522aaec] user: hobbs branch: trunk, size: 17966
* combobox.tcl: make -entrybg also control the listbox background. [Bug #519189] (chevreux) file: [74e2dabaf1] check-in: [c4f57dc7ac] user: hobbs branch: trunk, size: 14851
* combobox.tcl: Changed relief of popup list to ridge, for Win* platforms. file: [d60a52f9e9] check-in: [31049255f2] user: andreas_kupries branch: trunk, size: 14218
combobox.tcl: added package require Tk 8.3. file: [c250d8b444] check-in: [c536955b68] user: hobbs branch: trunk, size: 14164
Fixed a bug by changing the 'lsearch' commands to 'lsearch -exact' so that glob characters in the combobox don't cause the 'getvalue' to break. file: [5eb77f712b] check-in: [189b1d8467] user: kuchler branch: trunk, size: 14084
* entry.tcl: Added smarts to handle Copy for non-editable entries (it should be allowed, but was not previously) [Bug: 3755].    * notebook.tcl: Small tweaks for placement of images on tabs.    * combobox.tcl: Added code to ensure that non-editable (but enabled) comboboxes could still be tabbed in to. file: [5903480a13] check-in: [4053c67e25] user: ericm branch: trunk, size: 14033
* combobox.tcl: Tweaked bg/background options so that button didn't pick up entry background. file: [36141228ea] check-in: [790b606531] user: ericm branch: trunk, size: 13446
* tree.tcl: * spinbox.tcl: * entry.tcl: * dropsite.tcl: * dragsite.tcl: * arrow.tcl: Replaced selected cget/getoption calls with getMegawidgetOption calls.    * combobox.tcl: Removed LabelFrame from ComboBox (30% faster). file: [617927bbaf] check-in: [8ba51986ce] user: ericm branch: trunk, size: 13405
* entry.tcl: Added code to re-sync the -text option with the contents of the entry widget before doing configuration; this fixes [Bug: 4304]. file: [f3ff7e84fd] check-in: [c37d8b3a34] user: ericm branch: trunk, size: 14621
* pkgIndex.tcl: Bumped version to 1.3.0.    * tree.tcl: Changed focus redirect to use {after idle} to avoid focus loops.    * label.tcl: Added -bd 0 -highlight... etc to wrapper frame; moved class bindings to the frame instead of the component label.    * utils.tcl: Added helper function BWidget::refocus, to handle focus redirection calls.    * spinbox.tcl: Changed focus redirect to use {after idle} to avoid focus loops.    * combobox.tcl: Changed init to parseArgs/initFromODB style; changed focus redirect to use {after idle} to avoid focus loops. file: [977488624e] check-in: [790e86ec6a] user: ericm branch: trunk, size: 14626
* widget.tcl: Added Widget::varForOption function, which returns a variable name that can be used to trace changes to an option for a particular megawidget (such as the -values option of a combobox).    * entry.tcl: Made cget -text a little more efficient by shortcircuiting in that case.    * combobox.tcl: Fixed bug #4248 by making the listbox use a -listvariable instead of trying to micromanage the listbox contents. file: [7e614eb9ac] check-in: [6f11528113] user: ericm branch: trunk, size: 14536
ComboBox was setting -state flag of its entry instead of -editable flag when changing the -editable flag of the combobox. file: [6304e3ab87] check-in: [c7456a9d0f] user: ericm branch: trunk, size: 14588
* combobox.tcl: Fixed a problem with non-editable comboboxes and selecting values.    * arrow.tcl: Fixed a problem with the invoke method (doing one too many winfo parents in some cases) file: [e6e33a3158] check-in: [8e57b113e0] user: ericm branch: trunk, size: 14585
* arrow.tcl: * button.tcl: * buttonbox.tcl: * combobox.tcl: * dialog.tcl: * dynhelp.tcl: * entry.tcl: (also fixed validation) * label.tcl: * labelframe.tcl: * listbox.tcl: * mainframe.tcl: * notebook.tcl: * pagesmgr.tcl: * panedw.tcl: * progressbar.tcl: * scrollview.tcl: * scrollw.tcl: * separator.tcl: * spinbox.tcl: * titleframe.tcl: * tree.tcl: Updated to new megawidget architecture.    * widget.tcl: Changed internal architecture. When possible, megawidget options are stored in component widgets instead of in an intermediary array. Also, made use of option database to make megawidget creation more efficient. file: [eb202a1d53] check-in: [fb6cf15d1c] user: ericm branch: trunk, size: 14841
Fixed a small scrollbar width issue introduced by merge of Boudillier's code. file: [a2167214ae] check-in: [40b8a7276c] user: ericm branch: trunk, size: 14841
* images/target.xbm: Placeholder for actual icon.    * color.tcl: Change env(BWIDGET_LIBRARY) to ::BWIDGET::LIBRARY; changed proc "dialogue" to "dialog"    * pkgIndex.tcl: Updated function spec for color.tcl.    * widget.tcl: Various minor speed tweaks; added a reverse mapping from component widget options -> mega-widget options so that subcget can be faster.    * entry.tcl: * dropsite.tcl: * dragsite.tcl: * arrow.tcl: Tcl list'd the specs for Widget::declare calls.    * combobox.tcl: Removed extraneous ListBox::use call. file: [b85495cfd1] check-in: [25c5681556] user: ericm branch: trunk, size: 14729
* tree.tcl: Integrated changes from Eric Boudaillier: [itemconfigure -open ...] optimized to only call redraw_idle 3 if node has subnodes. _cross_event: itemconfigure -open called before -opencmd/closecmd; no more call to _redraw_idle (handled by other procedures) _over_cmd: allow position {root 0} when tree is empty new [find] command: [find @x,y ?confine?] if confine is "confine" returns the node at window coordinate x,y (x,y must be inside the bbox of the node) else returns the node found on the line (in pixel) pixel y [find line] returns the node on the line $line (in -deltay coords) new [line] command: [line node] returns the line where node is drawn -selectfill option added: if true, selection is draw on full width of tree (instead of just highlighting the bbox of the selected nodes)    * combobox.tcl: Integrated changes from Eric Boudaillier: internal widget restructuring.    * tree.tcl: Added "range" subcommand to selection. Given two nodes, node1 and node2, it will set the selection to the visible nodes between (and including) node1 and node2. If node1 or node2 is not visible, it will find the first visible ancestor of the node and use that as the start/end point instead.    * listbox.tcl: Integrated changes from Eric Boudaillier: _over_cmd: allow position 0 when listbox is empty find command, similar to tree find command.    * spinbox.tcl: Integrated changes from Eric Boudaillier: cosmetic changes.    * color.tcl: Integrated changes from Eric Boudaillier: split widget into two commands: SelectColor::menu and SelectColor::dialog.    * progressbar.tcl: Integrated changes from Eric Boudaillier: added -idle option to prevent call to update in case where task is done in idle (ie, fileevents)    * scrollview.tcl: Integrated changes from Eric Boudaillier: bindings changed.    * scrollw.tcl: Integrated changes from Eric Boudaillier: -managed option: if true, scrollbar are managed during creation, so their size are included in the requested size of the ScrolledWindow. If false, they are not. -sides option: specifies the side of the scrollbar. -size option: specifies size of scrollbar. -ipad option: specifies pad between scrollbar and scrolled widget.    * mainframe.tcl: Integrated changes from Eric Boudaillier: support for function keys in accelerators, support for no modifier in accelerators.    * notebook.tcl: Integrated changes from Eric Boudaillier: -internalborderwidth (-ibd) option specifies pad around pages; -foreground, -background, -activeforeground, -activebackground, -disabledforeground options for each tab. Code cleanup. file: [4cab821179] check-in: [651774cb09] user: ericm branch: trunk, size: 14746
When the selected item is changed, the selection is now set to the entire string. file: [e8d3d6ac1e] check-in: [5cd9b4a28c] user: sven branch: trunk, size: 14325
* combobox.tcl: Removed code that cleared entry selection on focus out events, as this crippled exportselection. file: [11d754b073] check-in: [52bc26e2bb] user: ericm branch: trunk, size: 14264
Added support for keyboard traversal. The widget will now tab in even when it is not editible. Also the entry widget content will be selected when the user tabs in. The key bindings now allow a traversal of the list (<Down> brings up the list). The arrow button no longer switches to an up button, but instead changes relief. The button is now more Windows NT like (for Windows NT). file: [6e2e64a73c] check-in: [347d417b33] user: sven branch: trunk, size: 13894
BWidget 1.2.1 import file: [3a74effa60] check-in: [48bc375a03] user: ericm branch: bwidget-vendor-branch, size: 11440 Added