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History of BWman/Tree.html

* tree.tcl (Tree::_set_help), Tree.html DynamicHelp -helpcmd added to tree node help * tree.tcl (Tree::_draw_subnodes) a vertical line to a virtual root node above the widget is only drawn when there are multiple child nodes. This reverts the modification dated 2004-04-21 for this case. [Patch 2825354] by Koen Danckaert file: [018040da78] check-in: [55b962c054] user: oehhar branch: trunk, size: 27853
* buttonbox.tcl (ButtonBox::_redraw) Bug corrected: -uniform gridding option is used if tcl version >= 8.4 (not 8.3). [Patch 2807147] by Koen Danckaert    * tree.tcl (Tree::_drop_cmd) If there is no node, drop didn't work. [Bug 1042613] reported by Rolf Ade    * Tree.html Bind commands: removed promise that %W would work in future. The underlying widgets should only be manipulated using the node id. [Bug 1224203] by Jasper Taylor, remarks by J. Tang    * Tree.html Bind commands: with -selectfill, the given command is overwritten for the background box. [Bug 1003962] by Torsten Berg    * dropsite.tcl (DropSite::register) Bug fixed: fails on multiple drop targets [Bug 1213123] by T.Neil    * combobox.tcl (ComboBox::_create_popup) Bug fixed: Return key in drop down list when -bwlistbox true [Bug 1205536] patch by Steve Landers    * combobox.tcl (ComboBox::_create_popup, ComboBox::_unmapliste) Mac aqua and x11 fixes, multi screen issue still open. [Bug 1451784] report by Jasper Taylor, fix by Kevin Walzer    * listbox.tcl (ListBox::_multiple_select) Selected item not deselected on control-click [Bug 1029144] reported by Konrad Rosenbaum file: [590abbefe4] check-in: [d4234674be] user: oehhar branch: trunk, size: 27592
note internal use of \1..\5 for node names file: [f33a943565] check-in: [ebc691aac7] user: hobbs branch: trunk, size: 28149
* messagedlg.tcl: explicitly marked the 'Abort' button upon -type abortretryignore to be the default button [bug 970199]    * Tree.html: documented [find] and [line] commands [bug 626819]; noted bug with %W binding [bug 1224203]    * tree.tcl: added [bindArea] procedure; updated man page [patch 839066]    * combobox.tcl: added [clearvalue] proc to explicitly clear a ComboBox value, updated man page [patch 780704] file: [6c3c051c72] check-in: [59aa07734c] user: dev_null42a branch: trunk, size: 28039
2006-08-21 J. Tang <[email protected]>    * combobox.tcl: unpost after autoposting when another Tk window gets the focus; unpost upon hitting the enter key    * scrollw.tcl: allow toggling of scrollbars [bug 1488712]    * Tree.html: corrected documentation for Tree::opencmd (callback does not append the path to the tree to the command) [bug 1507713]    * tree.tcl: disable keyboard navigation for empty trees [bug 1514855]    * tree.tcl: changed '-drawcross allways' to be '-drawcross always'; updated documentation file: [9cc871fa3a] check-in: [ce134fbc79] user: dev_null42a branch: trunk, size: 25949
Updated the docs for my latest commit. file: [e0439c869a] check-in: [be14c8e806] user: damonc branch: trunk, size: 25853
* listbox.tcl * tree.tcl: Added a #auto substitution for inserting new items into a tree or listbox.    * BWman/ListBox.html * BWman/Tree.html: Added documentation for #auto substitution. file: [f4ee9bf729] check-in: [106735c26c] user: damonc branch: trunk, size: 23107
* BWman/SelectColor.html * color.tcl: Cleaned up some of the documentation of SelectColor and made it actually work like the documentation says it does.    * BWman/DynamicHelp.html * dynhelp.tcl: Added -topbackground, -padx and -pady options to allow a little more flexibility in the look-and-feel of balloons.    Added the ability to bind dynamic help to individual items or tags on a canvas.    * BWman/Tree.html * tree.tcl: Added -padx and -deltax options to individual nodes within a tree. Each option defaults to -1, meaning to take its value from the global option of the same name.    Added dynamic help to nodes within a tree. Adds the following options: -helptext, -helptype and -helpvar to each node.    * BWman/BWidget.html * utils.tcl: Added BWidget::badOptionString utility to return a standard error string when a given option doesn't match a list.    * BWman/Widget.html * widget.tcl: Added Widget::getVariable proc to create a reference to a variable relative to the given widget path. file: [74fd376339] check-in: [ecd5aec25e] user: damonc branch: trunk, size: 22967
* BWman/DynamicHelp.html: * dynhelp.tcl: Added -state option to disable help balloons on a global scale.    * BWman/Tree.html: * tree.tcl: Added -crossfill option to allow the + / - bitmap to be filled with a different color than the connecting node lines. -linesfill is now accurate in its help entry and only adjusts the foreground color of the lines between the nodes. file: [be0dd8cc41] check-in: [56196186a5] user: damonc branch: trunk, size: 21983
* tree.tcl: Modified subcommand 'includes' of the method 'selection to properly extract its argument. ... Revamped the whole subcommand to properly extract and check its arguments.    (create) Added Control-Button-1 bindings to allow toggling the selection of a node. I will do no bindings for shift-selecting and/or drag-selecting ranges. To complex for me right now.    Moved the code executing the -selectcommand callback to an internal procedure, and added calls to that procedure to all subcommands which change the selection. This fixes SF Bwidget Bug #547245.    * BWman/Tree.html: Documented the 'includes' and 'range' subcommands of the method 'selection' of tree widgets. Documented the node option '-selectable'. Documented that the subcommands extending or setting the selection silently ignore unselectable nodes. Documented new 'toggle' subcommand of method 'selection'. Documented option --slectcommand'. Fixed bogus table html in option lists. file: [e5bc110702] check-in: [155e59d7ed] user: andreas_kupries branch: trunk, size: 21771
* BWman/Tree.html: * tree.tcl: Added a 'recursive' argument to 'Tree::opentree' and 'Tree::closetree'. [Patch #483838] (decoster) file: [8c0152e276] check-in: [fb00672cdf] user: hobbs branch: trunk, size: 20790
BWidget 1.2.1 import file: [c57383570d] check-in: [48bc375a03] user: ericm branch: bwidget-vendor-branch, size: 20595 Added