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Artifact 83bcaaba5c00d1121c6c738ee52ddf5cc2f366156bb1ff4f3ac8ffae935b2019:

! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
!  pl.rc
!  This file is part of Unifix BWidget Toolkit
!  Definition of english resources
! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

! --- symbolic names of buttons ------------------------------------------------

*abortName:   &Porzuć
*retryName:   P&onów
*ignoreName:  &Ignoruj
*okName:      &OK
*cancelName:  &Anyluj
*yesName:     &Tak
*noName:      &Nie

! --- symbolic names of label of SelectFont dialog ----------------------------

*boldName:          Pogrubiona
*italicName:        Kursywa
*underlineName:     Podkreślenie
*overstrikeName:    Przekreślenie
*fontName:          &Czcionka:
*sizeName:          &Rozmiar:
*styleName:         St&yl czcionki:
*colorPickerName:   &Kolor...

! --- symbolic names of label of PasswdDlg dialog -----------------------------

*loginName:    &Login
*passwordName: &Hasło

! --- resource for SelectFont dialog ------------------------------------------

*SelectFont.title:	    Wybór czcionki
*SelectFont.sampletext:	    Przykładowy tekst

! --- resource for MessageDlg dialog ------------------------------------------

*MessageDlg.noneTitle:      Wiadomość
*MessageDlg.infoTitle:      Informacja
*MessageDlg.questionTitle:  Pytanie
*MessageDlg.warningTitle:   Ostrzeżenie
*MessageDlg.errorTitle:     Błąd

! --- resource for PasswdDlg dialog -------------------------------------------

*PasswdDlg.title:  Wpisz login i hasło

! --- symbolic names of label of SelectColor dialog ----------------------------

*baseColorsName: Kolory podstawowe
*userColorsName: Kolory niestandardowe

*yourSelectionName: Your Selection
*colorSelectorsName: Color Selectors
*hoverHelpName: Hover for help with color selection by:
*mouseHelpName: Mouse
*keyboardHelpName: Keyboard

! --- dynamic help text for SelectColor dialog.  Lines 75 chars max, split by '\n'.

*mouseHelpTextName: Click or drag the mouse in the Color Selectors to choose a color.\nIf the selected color remains black, regardless of what you\ndo in the left-hand Color Selector (for hue and saturation), check\nthe position of the pointer in the right-hand Color Selector\n(for brightness).\n\nClick one of the "Base colors" to read a value from this palette.\n\nClick one of the "User colors" to read a value from this palette,\nor to write to the palette if the color is blank.  If you then\nuse the Color Selectors to change the color, your choice will be\nwritten to this (User) palette color until you select another\n(Base or User) palette color.

*keyboardHelpTextName: Click in the text entry window in the left of the "Your\nSelection" area.\n\nType the color that you want in hexadecimal RGB format.\nWhenever the number of hexadecimal digits is a multiple\nof 3, the color value is valid and will be copied to the\nother parts of the Color Selector.\n\nLeave the text entry window by clicking anywhere else,\nor by pressing the "Escape" or "Return" key.  The text\nentry window will then display the color in 24-bit RGB\nformat, although internally the Color Selector uses\n48-bit colors.\n\nWhen the text entry widget does not have keyboard focus\n(i.e. does not show a cursor), the "Return" and "Escape"\nkeys do the same as the "OK" and "Cancel" buttons,\nrespectively.