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Artifact 03ba346f5dbc39b286d44f21ade0e286391eb2bea3f406ff1ddc762fdba78cac:

namespace eval Widget {}
proc Widget::_opt_defaults {{prio widgetDefault}} {
    if {$::tcl_version >= 8.4} {
	set plat [tk windowingsystem]
    } else {
	set plat $::tcl_platform(platform)
    switch -exact $plat {
	"aqua" {
	"win32" -
	"windows" {
	    #option add *Listbox.background	SystemWindow $prio
	    option add *ListBox.background	SystemWindow $prio
	    #option add *Button.padY		0 $prio
	    option add *ButtonBox.padY		0 $prio
	    option add *Dialog.padY		0 $prio
	    option add *Dialog.anchor		e $prio
	"x11" -
	default {
	    option add *Scrollbar.width		12 $prio
	    option add *Scrollbar.borderWidth	1  $prio
	    option add *Dialog.separator	1  $prio
	    option add *MainFrame.relief	raised $prio
	    option add *MainFrame.separator	none   $prio

# Try to load lang file corresponding to current msgcat locale
proc Widget::_opt_lang {} {
	if {![catch {package require msgcat}]} {
		# package loaded
		namespace import ::msgcat::*
		if {![::msgcat::mcload [file join $::BWIDGET::LIBRARY "lang"]]} {
			# no files loaded, default to english
			::msgcat::mclocale en
			::msgcat::mcload [file join $::BWIDGET::LIBRARY "lang"]
		source [file join $::BWIDGET::LIBRARY "lang" "xopt.tcl"]

## Add a TraverseIn binding to standard Tk widgets to handle some of
## the BWidget-specific things we do.
bind Entry   <<TraverseIn>> { %W selection range 0 end; %W icursor end }
bind Spinbox <<TraverseIn>> { %W selection range 0 end; %W icursor end }

bind all <Key-Tab>       { Widget::traverseTo [Widget::focusNext %W] }
bind all <<PrevWindow>>  { Widget::traverseTo [Widget::focusPrev %W] }