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EuroTcl/OpenACS 11 - 12 JULY 2024, VIENNA

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Check-ins with non-propagating tags:

Bumped to version 0.5 -- ATTENTION -- BREAKING CHANGES Removed the untyped structure tag `scalar`. Replaced it with five new tags providing type information: - `bool` - `float` - `int` - `null` - `string` When reading YAML data types are now determined as per the YAML Core schema rules. And the assumption that quoted values are always strings, and none of the other types. Read values are now normalized, as per their type. For example, the internally seen value of an integer is always in decimal form, regardless of if it was octal or hex in the input. On the writing side the new structural tags now exist as pre-defined type converters. The `scalar` converter is still present, and aliases to `string`. In the previous version `string` aliased to `scalar` as the only scalar type. Most styling of scalar values is now automatically determined by their type, and, in case of strings, by the value as well. Further changes, non-breaking: - Added a testsuite. - Updated the documentation to match the changes above. - Regenerated the dependent files. check-in: 43a2ab4b92 user: aku tags: trunk, v0.5
Bumped the wrapped libyaml sources to 0.2.5 (yaml/libyaml@acd6f6f014c25e46363e718381e0b35205df2d83) Bumped package version to 0.4 and updated documentation, Published the `version` command as part of the `tclyaml` ensemble and updated documentation. Regenerated the embedded documentation. Added README.md and other files specific to GitHub. check-in: bd4fbd795f user: aku tags: trunk, v0.4