The SSLeay and libdes libraries


The DES support was originally based upon libdes, a freely available implementation of this algorithm, written by Eric Young. I used version 3.23 directly.

The higher versions of this library are now part of SSLeay, Erics implementation of the Secure Sockets Layer. Because of this I have revamped the des loader code to use from SSLeay or, in this order. This had the additional benefit of being able to glue in even more crypto algorithms. These are md2, sha1 and rc2.

The official homepage can be found at A FAQ is available.

trfcrypt requires a shared library version of libdes. People without such don't loose however.

  • The unix-specific makefile contains the target ``libdes''. This will generate a shared library for libdes. It assumes that the libdes source distribution is available as subdirectory libdes (a sibling to unix !).
  • A binary distribution for Windows® is available, at the master location and the associated mirrors. This is not a binary distribution of libdes alone, but of SSLeayLib. The shared library crypto32.dll contains the required DES functionality. Either rename this DLL to libdes.dll or uncomment the definition of LIBDES in before compilation of trfcrypt.
  • I have no information about its availability on MacIntoshes.

I'm sorry, but SSLeay was to big to be included in the Makefile. Instructions on how make a shared library for linux, sun, solaris and irix are part of it however (as of version 0.6.6).

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