Background of trfcrypt, introduction to the documentation


This is the reference manual of trfcrypt 2.0p3, as distributed at March 31, 2001. For instructions on how to compile and install it see the installation manual.

This package started out as part of the Transformer extension (trf).

The decision to factor out the encryption algorithms into a separate package, well it always bugged me not being able to load my package to the Neosoft Tcl Contributed Software Archive. On the other hand, with the internet it doesn't really matter where something resides physically. As long as you know its logical location you can get it. So it bugged me, but was nether such a big issue to drive me into action (I'm lazy!). But now, with the prospect of its placement onto the Tcl/Tk CD ROM its physical location became important, and I was no longer able to shrug off the non-rationality of the US government.

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