The Trf logo


The history of the logo is simple: I wrote a demo application for distribution as part of the Tcl Windows installation on the Tcl/Tk Consortium CD ROM project, and to distinguish it from the other demos a logo was required.

I am not so good at painting things, but (geometric) construction is no problem. Especially if a computer language can be used to do this. Because of this my tool of choice was povray, a 3D rendering application, and additionally ImageMagick to combine the gear wheel with the tcl logo.

The associations I had in my mind while doing the logo were:

  • gears transform between different levels of speed, trf transforms between representation of data.
  • The small gear is the driver, the big gear is driven, so the big gear is slower, but with more power.
    • trf encryption (a separate package, see TrfCrypt) empowers the user at expense of communication speed
    • trf empowers tcl
  • The base of trf is hooked into the inner gears of tcl (the I/O-Subsystem).

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