The installation manual


This is the installation manual of Tcl-Trf 2.1p2, as of August 20, 2001. For a documentation of the available commands you should read the command reference.

Before starting the compilation and installation a few notes:

  • You have managed to unpack this package in a directory of your choice, whether it was gzipped tar-archive or a zip-archive. The path of the file you are reading now is something like .../trf2.1p2/doc/install.?. The .../trf2.1p2-part of it is that we will call the source-directory from now on.

This package depends in its operation on quite a few others. Here is a list of them:


of course. The package will compile with 7.6, 8.0.x, 8.1.x and 8.2.x. This does not include alpha and beta releases.

This package requires manipulation of the core for full functionality, but only if used in conjunction with versions of Tcl below 8.2.

If you can live without filter channels and use Tcl 8.1.x no patching is required. In case you want patch tcl, a source distribution is necessary. Instructions on how to patch it is provided in a separate chapter.


Trf can be used without, but the testsuite coming with this distribution requires it.

The current version is 1.5. A binary distribution for Win32 is available.


This package is used to implement the zip compression command/filter. It will be loaded at runtime, if required and is therefore optional. See the description of the zip command for more info.


This library is used to realize the message digests 'md2' and 'sha1'. It will be loaded at runtime, if required and is therefore optional. Please read the SSLeay section for more info.

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