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ChangeLog for trf...

2001-08-18 Tcl Project ---
  • generic/transformInt.h: Added definitions for "Tcl_GetTopChannel" for use by cores older than 8.3.2. See bug below.
  • generic/registry.c (AttachTransform, Lines 2665f): Forgot to compensate for stacking when remembering the parent channel for a 8.3.2+ core. Tcl_StackChannel does, but the Tcl_*Raw don't. Thanks to Adrian Koren <[email protected]> for reporting the problem and providing a script exercising the bug.
  • generic/digest.c (WriteDigest): See Tue Jun 20 20:49:05 2000 (reflect.c) for a similar fix. This one is thanks to Adrian Koren <[email protected]>.
2001-03-27 Tcl Project ---
  • PREPARE: Moves contents of subdirectory 'tea' into main directory, they are the main build chain now.
  • tea/ Updated to current state from sample extension. Also added fix for changed Cygwin environment.
  • tea/
  • tea/ Prepared for execution in toplevel directory. Also updated for usage of new mkIndex.tcl.
  • DEPENDENCIES: New file, integration into the TclPro build system.
  • generic/loadman.h:
  • generic/reflect.h:
  • generic/transform.h:
  • generic/transformInt.h: Changed BUILD_trf to BUILD_Trf
Sun Nov 26 16:53:24 2000 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • --- Release of 2.1p1 ---
  • Removed binary distributions from CVS.
Sat Nov 18 17:55:01 2000 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • tea.tests/common_all.test:
  • tea.tests/common_conv.test:
  • tea.tests/common_md.test: Adapted tests to the patch below.
  • tests/common.all.test:
  • tests/common.conv.test:
  • tests/ Adapted tests to the patch below.
  • generic/ref_opt.c:
  • ./generic/ref_opt.c:
  • ./generic/zip_opt.c:
  • ./generic/dig_opt.c:
  • ./generic/convert.c:
  • ./generic/registry.c:
  • ./generic/bz2_opt.c: Patch by Dave Bodenstab <[email protected]> for better error messages.
  • generic/crypt.c (TrfCryptObjCmd): Added #ifdef to deactivate crypt when compiled on or for Windows.
Sat Nov 11 13:14:05 2000 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • generic/zip.c: Added 'MaxRead' vector to restrict the number of read characters to at most one (decompressor only). This will cause most probably a loss of performance, but also makes the transformation robust against garbage following after the compressed stream. Without this change the transformation ran into an error (Z_BUF_ERROR = no progress) or an infinite loop after reaching Z_STREAM_END. Future: Extend the Tcl API to allow transformations to push back any unconsumed bytes. This will allow us to read large chunks again (= higher performance), while also getting the problem solved. Will have to write a TIP for this.
Wed Oct 4 20:44:40 2000 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • tools/fixhbline:
  • tools/findinpath: Fixed problem with tool combo when an interp-app (wish and/or tclsh) is not found by 'findinpath'. We must not stop the installation, only 'fixhbline' is able to decide which of the two interp-apps will be required.
Wed Aug 9 20:52:41 2000 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • -- Released 2.1 --
  • Consolidation complete to the point that Trf passes its testsuite for the following combinations of core compiled against and core run against: X = Version of core the extension was running against. Y = Version of core the extension was compiled against. +-+----+ (a) 8.0.5 |a|* | '-' = not passed. (b) 8.1.1 |b| ***| '*' = passed. (c) 8.2.3 |c| ***| ' ' = untested combination. (d) 8.3.2 |d| ***| +-+----+ Y |abcd| +X-----+
Tue Aug 8 00:19:26 2000 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • generic/registry.c: Consolidation complete to the point that Trf compiles against 8.0.5, 8.1.1, 8.2.3 and 8.3.2 without warnings (-Wall active).
Tue Aug 1 20:08:08 2000 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • generic/registry.c: Consolidation. Started to merge patch for 8.3.2 and higher into the codebase, should work from 8.0.x to 8.3.2+.
Sat Jul 29 00:53:24 2000 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • generic/adler.c:
  • generic/crc.c:
  • generic/crc_zlib.c:
  • generic/haval.c:
  • generic/md2.c:
  • generic/md5dig.c:
  • generic/rmd128.c:
  • generic/rmd160.c:
  • generic/sha.c:
  • generic/sha1.c: Cosmetic changes, renamed all functions with prefix MD_ to MD<name-of-digest>_. No benefit of these unique names from a compilation POV as they are all static anyway, but it makes the work of a tool like SourceNavigator simpler (and its views less ambiguous).
  • generic/md5dig.c:
  • generic/crypt.c: Removed unneeded header references.
Tue Jun 20 20:49:05 2000 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • md5-crypt/trf_crypt.h: Changed __const to CONST. Thanks to Robert Karen <[email protected]>.
  • generic/reflect.c (RefExecuteCallback): Line 715f (transmit_down). <[email protected]> spotted that I didn't make use of Tcl_ByteArrays in case of 8.1 or higher.
Sun May 28 19:25:52 2000 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • win/makefile.vc5 (TRF_DEFINES): Added missing -DTRF_VERSION.
  • generic/otpcode.c (insert): Added casts to prevent some warnings about unsigned long to unsigned char assignement. The operations causing them are ok.
Sat Apr 29 00:14:23 2000 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • -- Release 2.0p7 --
  • generic/qpcode.c
  • generic/registry.c: Applied patch from Darren New <[email protected]> fixing a buffer overun in quoted_printable. Fixed nagging from purify too.
Tue Apr 18 19:01:27 2000 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • tea/tcl.m4:
  • tea/ Accepted patch from Jan Nijtmans to enable usage of tea build with mingw32 environment on Win.
Wed Mar 22 19:48:30 2000 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • generic/init.c (Trf_Init, line 90): Removed '&& defined(USE_TRF_STUBS)', see Feb 25, as it messes up package initialization for normal compilation (Trfcrypt thinks 'This implementation of trf does not support stubs', uh).
Tue Mar 21 21:22:06 2000 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • unix/ (genstubs): Fixed usage of wrong variable (tools -> tool), with thanks to Oisin Grehan <[email protected]>.
Wed Mar 15 22:57:48 2000 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • generic/reflect.c (Clear(En/De)coder): Darren New <[email protected]> pointed out that ClearEncoder and -Decoder use strings which do not match the docs (clear_read instead of clear/write). Fixed that.
Sat Mar 11 13:24:33 2000 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • doc/nodes/md.node: Added reference to 'TclAH', another extension providing message digests (a.k.a. authentication hashes). Author is Greg Retkowski <[email protected]>.
Fri Feb 25 17:27:47 2000 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • -- Release 2.0p6 --
  • generic/registry.c (TransformImmediate): Thomas Schwarze <[email protected]> catched a little nasty memory leak. The block from lines 2512-2526 had a call to 'ResultClear' in one branch, but not the other, leaking memory the size of the result for each successful! call to a trf command. Ouch. Fixed.
  • generic/init.c (Trf_Init): Little bugfix for compilation of Trf as static library (line 90, +'&& defined(USE_TRF_STUBS)').
  • generic/loadman.c, md5dig.c: See below. Base changes came from Jean-Claude Wippler <[email protected]>.
  • tea/trf.m4:
  • unix/ Added changes to allow static compilation of MD5 too.
Mon Jan 24 12:46:11 2000 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • -- Release 2.0p5 --
  • Integrated a fix into the TEA configure(.in) solving a problem reported by Patrick D'Cruze <[email protected]>. It was the equivalent problem as described on 'Wed Dec 15', but for TEA this time.
Sat Jan 15 00:30:22 2000 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • generic/crypt.c (Trf[Md5]CryptObjCmd): Fixed argument checks. Reported by Patrick D'Cruze <[email protected]>.
  • tea/ (install-lib-binaries): Fixed error in this target. Mailed problem and fix to TEA mailing list.
  • Released 2.0p4 without announcement so that JCW can use it for his static builds of TclKit.
Wed Dec 15 19:27:01 1999 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • -- Release 2.0p3 --
  • unix/ Changed to use SHARED_LIBS instead of LIBS to add -lcrypt to the link options of This finally solved the RH problem. My thanks to Mick Lester <[email protected]> who provided the configure and Make logs which allowed me to track this in detail.
Mon Dec 13 20:08:07 1999 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • -- Release 2.0p2 --
Fri Dec 10 18:32:48 1999 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • tea/
  • unix/ Fixed problem with definition of CRYPT_LIB_NAME, reported by Tyler Riddle <[email protected]>.
  • Backed out all of the changes below, they cause miscompilation here. Now the radical approach: Go and remove all gcc/libc dependencies from the code.
  • md5-crypt/crypt.h: Now switchable between inclusion of features.h and trf_features.h. Switch based on information coming from the configure. See below.
  • md5-crypt/trf_features.h: The hacked 'features.h' under a new name, to avoid name clashes with an existing features.h (glibc-based Linux).
  • tea/
  • unix/ Added check for features.h. New code to add -lcrypt to LIBS if we have to compile md5 crypt with crypt present. Required to get both the real 'crypt' and the 'md5 crypt'.
Wed Dec 1 21:07:57 1999 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • tea/ (MD5_LIB_FILE):
  • unix/ (MD5_LIB_FILE): Added check to differentiate between the mere existence of libcrypt and a libcrypt having md5 functionality. Solaris f.e. has a libcrypt without md5 and we have to make sure that our version does not clash with it.
Mon Nov 29 22:12:34 1999 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • generic/digest.c (WriteDigest): Mikhail Teterin noticed that I had bungled access to array elements. Added TCL_PARSE_PART1 to the flags of Tcl_ObjSetVar2 to rectify this.
Thu Nov 25 22:14:28 1999 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • generic/registry.c (TrfClose): Added patch suggested by Mikhail Teterin <[email protected]> to avoid a crash of the interpreter upon exit. Restricted to usage without stubs / 8.0 series. Some platforms seem to call TrfClose with bogus instanceData and interpreter references (NULL) during exit with transformation channels left open.
  • unix/ (install-lib): Added '-' to avoid stop on error if compiled against 8.0, i.e. without stubs.
Fri Nov 12 18:02:17 1999 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • tea/ Added forgotten check for endianess to the TEA configure.
Tue Nov 9 22:19:55 1999 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • PREPARE: Added generation of 'news' page from ChangeLog.short.
  • doc/nodes/home.node: Added reference to 'news' page.
  • md5-crypt/crypt.h: Moved structure out of the conditional (__USE_GNU).
Mon Nov 8 20:43:24 1999 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • ------ 2.0 re-release ------
  • win/ Jan Nijtmans expanded the original and to allow the usage of MS VC++ 2.0 up to 6.0. Got a new binary distribution of 2.0 as well, usable for tcl 8.0. and 8.1.x.
Wed Oct 27 21:05:07 1999 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • tests/common_seek.test/transform.test: Slight differences for 8.0.
  • generic/registry.c: Some parts of the new code contained 8.1 specific code. Added code for 8.0 too. GT81 used to differentiate.
Mon Oct 25 22:10:01 1999 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • ------ 2.0 released ------
  • Got new bindist too, and a self extracting executable/installer. The latter is now a new bindist.
  • Applied patch from Jan to make zip compatible to the official distribution fo zlib. This additionally fixes the problem with the -nowrap option where I had to resort to some hackery to stop a Z_BUF_ERROR from bothering me. The new code is the official sanctioned way of making it work (Additional dummy input byte).
Sat Oct 23 00:54:38 1999 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • tea.tests/transform_bb.test: Adapted traces to changed behaviour (query/maxRead, query/ratio).
  • generic/reflect.c (ExecuteCallback): Setting command to NULL now after DecrRefCount after the eval. Not doing and then going through the cleanup causes a second free for the object, trashing the free obj management. gIOt has the same problem. Corrected there too now.
Fri Oct 22 23:20:34 1999 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • generic/*.c: Added NULL initializer for MaxRead to all Trf_Typedefinitions flying around.
  • generic/reflect.c: Changed many things to allow the querying of 'maxRead' and the natural seek ratio.
  • generic/ref_opt.c (SeekQueryOptions): New procedure, queries the tcl-level transform about its natural seek ratio.
  • generic/reflect.h: New file, contains definitions shared between reflect.c and ref_opt.c (The latter needs access to 'ExecuteCallback' to query a transform about its natural seek ratio.
  • generic/transform.h: Added 'interp' argument to 'Trf_SeekQueryOptions'. (Trf_QueryMaxRead): Added this vector to 'Trf_Vectors'. Nullable.
Thu Oct 21 00:25:23 1999 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • doc/nodes/zip.node: Added documentation -nowrap.
  • generic/zip.c: Traced the problem uncovered by the new tests and added a workaround to 'FlushDecoder'. Search for 'hackish flavor'.
  • doc/nodes/home.node: Added Tcl MIME to the list of extensions using Trf or its core feature.
  • doc/nodes/urls.def: Added entry for Tcl MIME.
  • doc/nodes/people.def: Added entries for Matt Newman and Marshall Rose.
  • Made minor modifications to the patch (formatting, removed 7.6 support, added analogous tests to the TEA part of the distrib.).
  • tea.tests/zip.test:
  • tests/zip.test:
  • generic/zip.c:
  • generic/zip_opt.c:
  • generic/zlib.c:
  • generic/transformInt.h: Finally applied the nowrap patch sent in by Jan Nijtmans quite some time ago (June 26, 1999).
Tue Oct 19 21:41:26 1999 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • generic/init.c: Added registration of the two new commands.
  • Adapted makefiles to compile the new file.
  • generic/crypt.c: New file, implements 'crypt' and 'md5crypt'.
Sat Oct 16 00:55:39 1999 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • Worked on the MD5 binding in the last days, using md5-crypt now, coming from glibc (is under LGPL). MD5 shared liib now loaded on demand. Changed all makefiles and configures to check for a libcrypt containing MD5. If none, the code we carry around (see md5-crypt) is compiled.
Mon Oct 11 18:48:49 1999 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • tea.tests/common_seek.test: Did the same for the tea test suite.
  • tests/common_seek.test: Applied patch by Jan Nijtmans. file6 is different on Windows, using some sort of hexcode. He inserted regsubs to normalize this part of the error messages.
  • generic/bincode.c (DecodeBuffer):
  • generic/octcode.c (DecodeBuffer): New, analogous to hexcode.c
  • generic/hexcode.c (DecodeBuffer): New, decode whole buffers instead of single characters. Actually did that yesterday.
  • tests/common.all.test: See below.
  • tea.tests/common_all.test: Added test for -in, -out.
Sun Oct 10 21:14:39 1999 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • generic/registry.c (PutDestinationImm): New, variant of 'PutDestination', specialized for writing into a channel during an immediate transform. Now necessary, after changing the call to 'PutDestination' in 'AttachTransform' (clientData).
Sat Oct 9 13:20:58 1999 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • Added more tests yesterday. Decided to pack the current state into a pre-release.
Thu Oct 7 22:56:36 1999 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • generic/registry.c (TrfGetOption): Fixed some minor problems in this procedure revealed by the first bunch of tests. (SeekCalculatePolicies): Fixed incorrect condition in this code leading sometimes to improper initialization of the chosen transform. Detected by test suite (1.0 / 1.5). (TrfExecuteObjCmd): Added processing of '-seekpolicy'. (AttachTransform): Added application of initial '-seekpolicy'.
  • generic/registry.c (TrfSeek): Changed code to check new location for 'modulo numBytesTransform == 0' instead of the offset.
Wed Oct 6 23:22:19 1999 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • Next steps no 1 (see below) now done.
  • generic/registry.c (TrfSetOption): Implemented -seekpolicy. (TrfGetOption): Added -seekpolicy to set of readable options.
  • doc/nodes/seek.node: Worked on the documentation of the new behaviour. Actually started on that yesterday.
Sun Oct 3 01:39:02 1999 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • generic/bincode.c,
  • generic/octcode.c:
  • generic/hexcode.c (EncodeBuffer): New procedure to encode whole blocks. Written out of a desire to shorten the log produced by the debug facility (-DTRF_DEBUG) while playing with seek.
  • generic/registry.c (TrfGetOption): Added proceudre to allow retrieval of new options (-seekstate, -seekcfg). Deactivated 'trfinfo' for now.
  • generic/convert.c (SeekQueryOptions): First procedure to change the natural seek policy based upon options. Used by all conversions, swaps the in/out-ratio for -mode decode. Everything else does not use this interface.
  • Added interface to the option vectors to allow them to change the natural seek policy.
  • ------------------------------------------------------------
  • Next steps: 1) Add options to set/change/query seek related configuration information (subset of trfinfo). 2) Think up test cases for the various possibilities.
  • Such an interface to allow runtime configuration of natural ratio is required by the encryptions in TrfCrypt too. Their seek behaviour is dependent on their actual options.
  • The generic 'transform' stays unseekable for now, until its interface is extended to allow the tcl level to specify the ratio.
  • Ascii85 is conversion, mainly 4->5, but contains irregularities making it nonlinear. So it stays unseekable. Digests and both compressors stays unseekable. Same for quoted-printable and otp coder.
  • Modified conversions (hex, oct, bin, uu, base64) to allow seeking. Error correcting codec too (ratio 248 -> 255!).
  • Tests ok, no errors. Debug output (seek dumps) look ok too, so far (all transforms defined as unseekable).
  • generic/registry.c: Seek state and configuration placed into separate structures. Result buffer now has a reference to the seek state, possibly NULL. Buffer positions are now updated by the Result... procedures, if possible (state reference != NULL). Some other code simplified.
Sat Oct 2 01:10:21 1999 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • generic/registry.c (TrfInput): Added new seek handling code. (SeekDump): New procedure for debugging the seek handling.
  • generic/init.c (Trf_Init): Added initialization of 'trfinfo'.
  • generic/registry.c (TrfInfoObjCmd): New command, 'trfinfo', to query a transformation about its internals. F.e. the current configuration and state of the seek handling (-> tests).
  • generic/unstack.c (TrfUnstackCmd): Objectified 'unstack'.
  • generic/registry.c (TrfSeek): Completely rewritten for new way of doing this. Handling of SEEK_END not yet. (SeekClearBuffer): New procedure encapsulating some common code. (TrfOutput): Added code to handle the new seek state. (SeekSynchronize): New procedure, used in code above.
  • generic/registry.c (SeekInitialize, SeekCalculatePolicies): New procedures to compute runtime configuration and initial state. (AttachTransform): Initialization of seek added.
Fri Oct 1 22:12:24 1999 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • generic/registry.c: Added runtime configuration and state to the state structure of a transformation channel.
  • generic/transform.h: Changed the seek specification from a vector to two integer numbers specifying the ratio of input to output. Seekable is thus restricted to linear relations between pre- and post-transformation data. Haven't ever seen higher polynomials or other functions. Changed all places already using the vector (initializations).
Thu Sep 30 22:10:39 1999 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • generic/registry.c: Copied the procedures operating on the result buffer from giot. They made the procedures having to deal with it before much simpler. And easier to read. Especially 'TrfInput'.
Tue Sep 28 22:39:48 1999 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • generic/registry.c: Added information about chosen/used seek policy, seek transformations, etc. to transformation instances (TrfTransformationInstance).
  • Added initialization of new item in typedefinition to all relevant transformations (or transformation frameworks (= message digest handling)). See zip.c, uucode.c, rs_ecc.c, reflect.c, qpcode.c, otpcode.c, octcode.c, hexcode.c, digest.c, bz2.c, bincode.c, b64code.c, asc85code.c Initialized with NULL == 'unseekable', for now.
Mon Sep 27 21:15:50 1999 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • generic/transform.h: Added 'Trf_SeekTransformation' interface. Added vector to 'Trf_TypeDefinition' using it.
  • unix/
  • unix/ The introduction of an exported stub table broke the 'unix' build for 8.0.x. Added more configure variables etc. to switch of compilation of trfStub*.o and linkage of libtrfstub.a Reported by Stefan Studer <[email protected]> while trying the unofficial distribution.
Sat Sep 25 20:24:12 1999 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • doc/nodes/: Upgraded the documentation a bit.
  • Well, not so ready anymore. Got some bug reports and patches from Matt Newman. Bugfixes added in so far, application to 1.8 will be done too. Seek handling will be reworked, so state is not RSN anymore, but ASAP, or 'without date'.
Wed Sep 22 22:35:38 1999 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • --- Version 2.0 ready for release ---
  • generic/transform.h: Removed old definitions of exported procedures.
  • generic/sha/sha.h: Protected BYTE typedef, BYTE is defined as macro on Windows platforms. Sent in by Jan Nijtmans.
Tue Sep 21 20:10:37 1999 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • generic/trf.decls: Extended the stub table to cover all public procedures.
Mon Sep 20 21:53:56 1999 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • Added checks into 'configure' to search for the bz2 library. The corresponding tests are skipped if it is not available.
  • Used his changes to win/Makefile.gnu as template for the changes to unix/, tea/ and win/*. Had to change the's as well.
  • Jan Nijtmans provided the basic changes to stubify Trf, to let it export its own stub table, for usage by extensions like TrfCrypt.
Sun Sep 19 01:29:23 1999 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • generic/zip_opt.c,
  • generic/registry.c,
  • generic/reflect.c,
  • generic/ref_opt.c,
  • generic/digest.c,
  • generic/dig_opt.c,
  • generic/convert.c,
  • generic/bz2_opt.c: Removed support for Tcl 7.6 and below.
  • generic/bz2.c (FlushEncoder): Killed the bug that plagued the 'bzip' transformation. It was an error in the compressor, although the test of the decompressor failed. BZ_FLUSH -> BZ_FINISH solved that problem (incomplete output from the compressor!). (FlushDecoder, Decode(Buffer)): Remembered result from last call too 'bzDecompress' to skip flushing if the stream is already in the state BZ_END_STREAM. Else we will get a sequence error. This problem was shadowed by the first so far.
  • Worked on a TEA compliant build chain (since yesterday evening). Now complete.
Tue Sep 14 23:07:50 1999 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • Applied patch sent in by Jan Nijtmans.
Fri Sep 10 21:10:55 1999 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • doc/nodes/intro.node:
  • doc/nodes/install.node:
  • doc/nodes/patch.node:
  • doc/nodes/future.node: Updated to include information about Tcl 8.2 and its integration of the Trf patch.
Thu Sep 2 21:23:21 1999 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • doc/nodes/md.node: Added reference to Bruce Adams <[email protected]> Md5 extension at http:///
Sat Jul 17 18:10:28 1999 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • generic/reflect.c: Changed to use a byte-array for the buffer argument in case of compilation against 8.1 or higher.
  • generic/registry.c: Finalized adaption to 8.2, and the runtime switching too.
Tue Jul 13 18:40:44 1999 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • generic/registry.c: Changed the registry from a hashtable to a real structure (containing the old hashtable and some more), changed all places acessing. Added 'patchIntegrated' flag and changed all places using 'trans->parent' to check 'patchIntegrated' to determine the correct method of finding the downstream channel. Reason: Trf is now able to work with 8.1 and 8.2 without recompilation for the specific interpreter. Compilation may happen with 8.1 or 8.2, it makes no difference, the extension adapts itself to the changed semantics.
  • unix/ Fixed a bug in the parameter generation for shared libraries, sent in by Jan, modeled after fix in Tk.
  • generic/transformInt.h: See below.
  • generic/registry.c (TrfExecuteObjCmd): See below.
  • generic/unstack.c (TrfUnstackCmd): See below.
  • patches/v8.1/standard.patch: Modified to use the new and official names for the functions in the patch (Tcl_StackChannel, Tcl_UnstackChannel).
  • generic/loadman.h: See below.
  • unix/ Newer versions of OpenSSL place their includes in .../openssl/include/openssl/ instead of .../openssl/include/. Changed to allow both, with the new placement considered first.
  • generic/qpcode.c: More corrections from Marshall Rose, quoted-printable this time.
Fri Jul 9 16:51:14 1999 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • tests/base64.test: Adapted to changes in 'base64'.
  • unix/ Added all necessary code for bz2 from Jan.
  • win/
  • win/makefile.vc5 (TRFOBJS): Added bz2*.obj to the definition.
  • win/Makefile.gnu: Corrections sent by Jan Nijtmans. Additionally adds 'bz2' compression. Incomplete.
  • Marshall sent some corrections to his new transform ('quoted-printable') and to his changes to 'base64'.
Tue Jul 6 20:01:49 1999 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • generic/b64code.c: Accepted change from Marshall Rose inserting a newline after every 76 characters. This makes the encoder MIME compliant. Newlines in the input are ignored.
Mon Jul 5 23:21:34 1999 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • doc/nodes/conv.node: See below.
  • doc/nodes/cmds.node: See below.
  • win/Makefile.gnu, win/*: See below.
  • unix/ See below.
  • generic/qpcode.c: New transform, donated by "Marshall Rose" <[email protected]>. The transform is 'quoted-printable', one of the encodings for mail and news, as defined by MIME (RFC 2045).
Tue Jun 29 21:20:23 1999 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • unix/ Extended the code to deal with the upcoming Tcl 8.2.
  • compat/md2.h (MD2_INT): Weird bug discovered by Jan on Windows (Cygwin compiler) solved, again by Jan. The header in OpenSSL changed the definition from unsigned char to unsigned int. Now using the compat header could do nasty things. Got a new DLL too, making the Windows binary distribution usable.
Mon Jun 28 23:17:35 1999 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • unix/
  • unix/ Matt Newman <[email protected]> sent in some changes to built the extension on HPUX (Basically check for .sl extension too).
Tue Jun 15 00:00:36 1999 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • tests/*.test: The tests for all commands dependent on external shared libraries now have constraints set on them.
  • unix/ (test): Added code to define more constraints, the variable used is set by the 'configure' script to define, which external libraries are available and therefore testable.
  • tests/defs: Updated to code from Tcl 8.0.5, copied my definitions from the old 'defs' to it, added code to define more constraints.
  • unix/ (ZLIB_INCLUDE_DIR): Changed error into warning, allows falling back to compatibility headers. (SSL_INCLUDE_DIR): See above. (Variable: TRF_DEFS). (TRF_TESTS): New variable, contains constraint information about tests to skip.
Mon Jun 14 20:39:21 1999 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • generic/zlib.c,
  • generic/zip.c,
  • generic/crc_zip.c: Renamed 'z' to 'zf', as the Gnu Tools on Windows have a bug with regard to the handling of single-character variable names. Note by Jan Nijtmans.
  • generic/transformInt.h: 'DllEntryPoint' removed. See below.
  • generic/init.c: 'DllEntryPoint' removed. See below.
  • win/: Added 'dllEntry.c', contains 'DllEntryPoint'. Added 'Makefile.gnu'. Both from Jan Nijtmans.
  • win/
  • win/makefile.vc5 (TRFOBJS): Added 'dllEntry.obj'.
Sun May 30 10:49:42 1999 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • patches/v8.1*/standard.patch: Fixed bug in the handling of encodings. Caused the system to lose references to the system encoding, which crashed the interpreter after some time (testsuite, ________.test (digests, tools/md) seg.faulted).
  • tests/otp_words.test, otpsha1.test, otpmd5.test: Added testsuite for new OTP commands (See May 27).
  • generic/otpcode.c, init.c, b64code.c, rs_ecc.c: Nits (comment in comment, unused variable, implicit function declarations).
  • Threading: Done.
Sat May 29 22:56:31 1999 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • The patchkit for Tcl 8.1 is usable for Tcl 8.1.1 too. No new patchkit was made.
  • generic/*.[ch]: Went through the code and looked for possible problems with regard to multi-threading (written global variables). Marked all found places with /* THREADING */ and some additional explanation.
Thu May 27 00:16:17 1999 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • doc/nodes/md.node:
  • doc/nodes/conv.node:
  • doc/nodes/cmd.node: Integrated OTP documentation from Marshall Rose.
  • generic/transformInt.h:
  • generic/registry.c:
  • generic/init.c:
  • generic/otpcode.c:
  • generic/otpmd5.c:
  • generic/otpsha1.c:
  • generic/md5.c:
  • generic/sha1.c: Integrated OTP code from Marshall Rose <[email protected]>.
Tue May 25 23:22:21 1999 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • generic/*.h: Added preprocessor definitions allowing the usage of the headers with a C++ compiler.
Fri May 7 20:47:56 1999 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • --------------- 1.6 re-release ------------------
  • patches/v8.1: Added patch kit for 8.1 final.
Thu Apr 22 21:46:12 1999 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • --------------- 1.6 released --------------------
  • Tested compilation against unpatched core. The resulting library was usable for a patched core (-attach, unstack), and rejected these features if loaded by an unpatched interpreter. Wonderful. No compilation trouble anymore, and only nearly normal usage in conjunction with an unpatched interpreter.
  • generic/unstack.c (TrfUnstackCmd): Fixed minor spelling errors.
  • generic/transformInt.h (Tcl_UndoReplaceChannel): Fixed spelling error in the macro.
Wed Apr 21 21:06:02 1999 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • generic/unstack.c (TrfUnstackCmd): See item below, the same check is added here too.
  • generic/registry.c (TrfExecuteObjCmd): Added a runtime check verifying that the interpreter using the extension is patched. Done only for a stub-aware interpreter (see item below too), and while accessing features depending on the patch.
  • generic/transformInt.h (Trf_ReplaceChannelStub): New macro, to get at the location of 'Tcl_ReplaceChannel' in the stubs-table.
Mon Apr 19 20:25:41 1999 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • --------------- 1.5 released --------------------
Sun Apr 18 14:59:05 1999 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • doc/nodes/danger.node: Added comments about usage of trf with respect to 'filevent's.
  • patches/*: With the exception of the patchess for 8.0a* and 8.0b* all kits were modified to fix a bug with my changes to the refcounting code which tripped attaching a transform inside of a socket acceptor script. Detected by Matt Newman. Modified files are 'standard.patch' and 'tclIO.c'. Fix was delayed to wait for possible problems with it, but got none.
Tue Apr 13 08:28:10 1999 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • generic/registry.c: Added code to flush out information waiting in various channels buffers. Timers are used to create artificial 'readable'-events. The socket/file/pipe might not generate them as all data could have been sucked already completely into the stack of transforms. Completes the fileevent support begun with the patch from Matt, see below.
  • generic/registry.c: Accepted patch from Matt Newman <[email protected]> (<[email protected]>) fixing problems with blocking mode and handling of fileevents.
  • win/
  • win/makefile.vc5: Added definition of SSL_LIB_NAME to configuration section.
  • generic/loadman.c: Changed to allow the makefile to define the value of SSL_LIB_NAME.
Sat Apr 10 16:05:04 1999 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • --------------- 1.4 released, again --------------------
  • Added patchkit for 8.1b3.
Thu Mar 25 12:40:20 1999 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • --------------- 1.4 released --------------------
  • --------------- Ready to release 1.4 --------------------
  • generic/init.c: Added initialization of stubs, for 8.1.
  • generic/digest.c: Restored usage of 'Tcl_SetObjVar2'. Change between 8.1b1 and 8.1b2. No change between 8.0.x and 8.1b2.
  • generic/reflect.c: Restored usage of 'Tcl_GlobalEvalObj'. Change between 8.1b1 and 8.1b2. No change between 8.0.x and 8.1b2.
  • generic/binio.c,
  • generic/util.c,
  • generic/dig_opt.c,
  • generic/transformInt.h: Conditionalized usage of 'panic'. Now using 'Tcl_Panic' in case of compilation against tcl 8.1.
  • unix/ Changed to allow usage of stubs.
  • generic/sha/fip180-1.pdf: Added description of SHA-1.
  • doc/ToDo: Added: Create stub-table for Trf too, to be used by TrfCrypt and other extensions to this one.
  • doc/nodes/where.node: Added note that the Windows binary distribution is not usable for Win95/98.
  • PREPARE: Exclusion of 'generic/'.
  • unix/ Moved from 'generic' to this place. Changed to check the tcl version, allowed version depends on usage of stubs, analogous to package index of Memchan.
  • unix/ Added code to handle stubs, as in 'memchan'. Added code to disallow 'binio' for tcl 8.x and beyond. The user is refered to 'binary' instead. 'binio' is deprecated from now on, and the associated byteorder patch will be phased out, no new versions will be made.
Sun Mar 21 16:01:44 1999 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • Generated patches for 8.1b2, fixed a bug in the byteorder patch.
Sun Mar 14 19:29:33 1999 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • Generated patches for 8.0.4 and 8.0.5.
Mon Feb 22 18:19:58 1999 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • win/ (TRF_DEFINES): Added -DBUILD_trf to the definition of this variable. Already in makefile.vc5, forgot to include it here before. Sync problem :-(. Thanks to Stefan Speidel <[email protected]> for finding this.
Tue Jan 12 20:53:36 1999 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • generic/binio.c:
  • generic/digest.c:
  • generic/reflect.c:
  • generic/registry.c:
  • generic/load.c:
  • generic/init.c:
  • generic/loadman.h:
  • generic/transformInt.h:
  • generic/transform.h: See below.
  • Fought against the MS environment today and won. Integrated the changes made there now into the master.
Mon Jan 11 22:40:19 1999 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • doc/nodes/techintro.node: New node, contains a technical explanation of the inner working of Trf, with images.
  • doc/nodes/intro.node: Added reference to technical information.
Mon Dec 14 22:04:35 1998 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • patches/v8.1b1: Started yesterday with the trf patches for the newly announced 8.1b1 version. Completed it today.
Fri Nov 13 18:25:26 1998 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • generic/util.c:
  • bincode.c:
  • hexcode.c:
  • octcode.c:
  • asc85code.c:
  • reflect.c:
  • rs_ecc.c:
  • zip.c:
  • generic/registry.c: Fixed several char/uchar mismatches. Reported by Larry.
Thu Oct 1 17:46:49 1998 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • generic/reflect.c:
  • generic/asc85code.c: Fixed several char / unsigned char mismatches, detected by Larry Virden on his UltraSparc.
Wed Sep 30 15:49:24 1998 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • unix/ Added [ZLIB|SSL]_[LIB|INCLUDE]_DIR, analogous to TCL_[LIB|INCLUDE]_DIR. Extended runtime library search path and compiler include options.
  • unix/ (TCL_LIB/INCLUDE_DIR): Added some additional intelligence: Setting one of the variables, but not the other causes automatic definition of the missing part with a value derived from the defined directory. Suggested by Larry Virden. Added 8.0.3 to the paths to search. Added $exec_prefix/lib to the paths to search for the tcl-library. Added searches for zlib.h / sha1.h / md2.h, and appropriate configure options (--with-zlib, --with-ssl, handling analogous to --with-tcl).
Tue Sep 29 23:20:11 1998 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • generic/digest.c: Added fixes for nits discovered by Larry Virden on his Sun: added explicit comparison to NULL, added casts for 'char*' to 'unsigned char*'.
Mon Jul 27 22:11:59 1998 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • win/: Got a windows dll from Jan Nijtmans ([email protected]) and assorted goodies (makefile for vc 5.0, rc file, icon file, better pkgIndex.tcl).
Sun Jul 19 22:24:43 1998 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • tools/mmencode:
  • tools/mmdecode: Minimal replacements for the named applications (metamail). Conversion of a bytestream from and to base64.
  • tools/demo: Visual demonstration application, sent to Jan for inclusion into his win installation (Consosrtium CD ROM Project). The logo too.
  • doc/nodes/img/logo-120x181.gif:
  • doc/nodes/img/logo-16x16.gif:
  • doc/nodes/img/logo-32x32.gif:
  • doc/nodes/img/logo-60x90.gif:
  • doc/nodes/img/logo-64x64.gif: Designed a logo for trf, built in various sizes.
Sat Jul 4 21:29:26 1998 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • unix/ Fixed a bug noted by David Herron <[email protected]> in memchan. This package had it too. From its mail: > In the section that checks for the TCL library there > is a loop looking for different library extensions. > In my case it needs to match the ".so.*" case of > the loop, but it doesn't. > > Changing the test to read as follows fixes the problem. > > if test -f $dir/libtcl$version$libsuff; then > memchan_cv_lib_TCL_LIB="-L$dir -ltcl$version" > TCL_LIB_DIR="$dir" > fi > > The difference is removal of the quote marks around > the file name. This allows the "*" to be evaluated > by the shell & find the file name. > > Another change that would be convenient is, in > the 'for version in ...' part, to add "80" to > the list of choices. With (at least) tcl8.0pl2 > on FreeBSD the library is "" and > since the configure script only looks for "libtcl8.0" > it is not found again because of that.
Thu Jul 2 00:24:59 1998 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • doc/nodes/*: Removed the descriptions of the various encryption algorithms.
Wed Jul 1 20:28:20 1998 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • generic/ Changed to load trf immediately upon request, and not while trying to execute the first command. Without that the separate crypto package will have problems attaching itself to the trf core.
Tue Jun 30 22:41:18 1998 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • PREPARE: Using the 'webTemplate' system (*) to generate documentation for linkage into my westend site and for standalone distribution. (Ad *) webTemplate is a system for the generation of a whole web site using node descriptions and a selectable layout/style definition. Current state: *INTERNAL*.
  • doc/: Replaced latex documentation by native HTML. Added 'nodes' directory.
Mon Jun 29 20:13:55 1998 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • Done. System compiles without problems. The only thing containing references to encryption is the documentation.
  • Started the removal of encryption related code.
  • ----------------------------------------------------
Wed Jun 17 21:38:32 1998 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • doc/def.tex:
  • doc/man.tex:
  • doc/install.tex: Checked the urls, removed some broken ones. Added some notes about binio, see below, and 'bzip' (future section).
  • patches/v8.1a2/byteorder.patch: Reworked to expose a minimal set of declarations in the patched tcl.h. First step towards complete removal of 'binio' and its support in favor of the official 'binary' command.
Sat Jun 13 13:38:19 1998 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • The patch required an adaption to I18N/UTF: A channel X replacing another channel C via Tcl_ReplaceChannel takes over the encoding information from C. Acess to the filter channel via 'puts' will now encode/decode the given strings prior to the transformation of X. Below X no encoding will take place.
  • The extension itself did not require adaptions to I18N and UTF. This is because an attached channel uses 'Tcl_Read' and 'Tcl_Write' to access the underlying channel, thus bypassing its encoding stage.
  • Passed all tests.
  • Fixed problem in new 'standard.patch', forgot to initialize 'chanPtr->outputStage'. transform.test 2.1 and base64.test 7.1 solved.
  • generic/reflect.c (Execute): Fixed refcount problem. Tcl_Eval now increments and decrements the refcount of the given script object. As 'Tcl_DuplicateObj' returns an object having refcount 0 I caused a problem by not incrementing the refcount, but decrementing it, thus trying to free the object a second time. => transform.test 1.x solved.
Fri Jun 12 16:13:26 1998 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • 2 tests failing: transform.test (1.x, 2.1), base64.test (7.1)
  • -------------------------------------------------------- Ok, this completes the basic adaption to the new version of tcl. Still missing: Insinuation of the channel hooks into 'tclIO.c', and adaptions to the new I18N features (UTF et. al.).
  • generic/digest.c (WriteDigest): Added code to adapt to an API change between 8.0 and 8.1 (Tcl_ObjSetVar2 renamed to Tcl_SetObjVar2, and type changes for the part1/2 parameters, 'Tcl_Obj*' to 'char*').
  • generic/reflect.c (Execute): Added code to adapt to an API change between 8.0 and 8.1 (Tcl_GlobalEvalObj was removed, Tcl_EvalObj got an additional flag instead).
  • generic/registry.c (Trf_Register): Added code special to 8.1: Initialization of the 'close2Proc' driver procedure (NULL).
Mon Aug 18 21:18:31 1997 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • -------------- 1.0 relased -----------------------------
  • win/, PREPARE: finishing touches, removed last remnants of '8.0b2'.
  • patches/v8.0: Added patches for tcl 8.0 final.
Tue Jul 29 00:18:21 1997 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • Ready for relase of Tcl 8.0 final now.
  • Distribution running again under 7.6 and 8.x.
Mon Jul 28 20:34:05 1997 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • doc/man.tex (section {Message digests}): Added explanation of transparent mode.
  • generic/dig_opt.c:
  • generic/digest.c:
  • generic/transformInt.h: Added transparent mode to general message digest code. A mixture of absorb and write, see 'doc/man.tex' for more.
  • doc/defs.tex: Some more homepages found, updated references to Jan Nijtmans.
  • doc/man.tex (chapter {Copyrights}\label {copyright}): Added section about SAFER.
Sat Jul 26 18:32:35 1997 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • tests/safer.test: New file, testing safer implementation.
Fri Jul 25 18:13:12 1997 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • unix/ (CRYPT_ALG_SRC): Added SAFER.
  • win/ (TRFOBJS): Added SAFER.
  • generic/safer.c: New cipher. First one with cipher specific options (choice between 2 keyschedules, standard and strong, allows specification of number of rounds).
  • generic/rc4.c:
  • generic/rot.c (C_Schedule): Adapted to changes in type 'Trf_CSchedule'.
  • generic/rc2.c,
  • generic/idea.c,
  • generic/blowfish.c,
  • generic/des.c (BC_Schedule): Adapted to changes in type 'Trf_BCSchedule'.
  • generic/blockcipher.c (InitializeState): Cipher specific option information is given to the scheduler for incorporation into the internal key of this cipher.
  • generic/transform.h (Trf_BCSchedule): Added parameter for inclusion of cipher specific option information.
  • generic/bc_opt.c: Added calls to cipher specific option processing to all procedures.
  • And now the analogouos changes to the blockcipher code.
Thu Jul 24 00:41:05 1997 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • generic/cipher.c (InitializeState): Cipher specific option information is given to the scheduler for incorporation into the internal key of this cipher.
  • generic/transform.h (Trf_CSchedule): Added parameter for inclusion of cipher specific option information.
  • generic/c_opt.c: Added calls to cipher specific option processing to all procedures.
  • generic/transformInt.h: Added items to hold references to cipher specific option information to structures 'TrfBlockcipherOptionBlock' and 'TrfCipherOptionBlock'.
  • generic/blowfish.c,
  • generic/des.c,
  • generic/idea.c,
  • generic/rc4.c,
  • generic/rc2.c,
  • generic/rot.c: Updated to new structure definition (NULL == no additional options).
  • generic/transform.h: Added references to Trf_OptionVrctors to 'Trf_CipherDescription' and 'Trf_BlockcipherDescription', to allow specification and usage of additional, cipher specific options.
  • -- evening again --
  • doc/install.tex, man.tex: Brought up to date now.
Wed Jul 23 00:02:03 1997 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • Both distributions running now (7.6, 8.x). Go ahead and update documentation now.
  • generic/reflect.c (Execute): Added missing separators in 7.6 code.
  • unix/ (test): Added SSL_INSTALL_DIR/lib to library search path, just to be prepared.
  • tests/transform.test: New file, check behaviour of transformation using scripts to do the work.
  • generic/registry.c (TransformImmediate): checking for empty results now.
  • generic/c_util.c (TrfGetChannelData): Missing assignment to *length in bound case caused blockcipher blowup. Were used by 7.6 tests only, had therefore no problems in 8.x.
  • -- evening again --
  • tools/md: See below.
  • tests/defs: Force usage of Memchan 1.2 for tcl 7.6.
Tue Jul 22 00:07:21 1997 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • generic/registry.c (TransformImmediate): Added \0 behind internal result buffer to prevent using a longer buffer than really given (7.6 only).
  • Checked distributions. 8.0(b2) working, 7.6 not. Things done to get that state: > tests/*.test: The md's had 'text' as command. Corrected. > README: Changed reference to 8.0b1 to 8.0. Removed package references. > PREPARE: Crunching .html files below doc/html/ now.
  • tools/md: Small adaptions to new syntax. All operations were attach'ed, no change there. Had to define '-read-type channel' nevertheless, because of default geared towards 8.x.
  • ChangeLog.short: New file, used in generation of ANNOUNCE.
  • ANNOUNCE, LSM: Removed, see below.
  • PREPARE: Modified to take advantage of progress in 'makedist'. ANNOUNCE / LSM generated now.
  • -- evening again --
  • All tests ok again.
  • generic/registry.c (TransformImmediate): Restructured this procedure, and 'PutInterpResult', to avoid smashing any intermediate result generated by a transformation. We must write a result only after all transformation vectors were executed. Each of these may need the result area by themselves. Example: 'transform'-command.
Mon Jul 21 21:26:17 1997 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • tests/crc.test,
  • tests/haval.test,
  • tests/md5.test,
  • tests/rmd128.test,
  • tests/rmd160.test,
  • tests/sha.test,
  • tests/md2.test,
  • tests/adler.test,
  • tests/crc_zlib.test: Rewritten. Message digests done now.
  • tests/ New tests, checking common behaviour of all message digests, as implemented in 'dig_opt.c' and 'digest.c', see below.
  • generic/digest.c, dig_opt.c: Rewritten.
Fri Jul 18 00:19:45 1997 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • tests/idea.test:
  • tests/des.test:
  • tests/blowfish.test: Rewritten. Block ciphers are done now.
Thu Jul 17 22:29:49 1997 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • generic/registry.c (TrfExecuteObjCmd, TrfExecuteCmd): Changed to check for transformation in case of option not matching one of the standard ones. New standard option -in blocked check for blockcipher option '-iv'. This is an old error, in since the beginning, but due to no conflicts in options names it never showed up before.
  • tests/common.bc.test: New file, checks common behaviour of all block ciphers.
  • generic/bc_opt.c:
  • generic/c_opt.c:
  • generic/c_util.c: Moved interpretation of argument to '-xx-type' into a separate procedure, then simplified the option processors.
Wed Jul 16 23:23:11 1997 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • generic/bc_opt.c: Rewritten according to 'doc/'. Blockciphers done. Used generic code in 'c_util.c' to simplify changes.
  • generic/c_opt.c: Simplified, calling code in 'c_util.c' now.
  • generic/c_util.c: New file. Contains generic code of rewritten 'c_opt.c', see below.
Tue Jul 15 23:29:16 1997 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • tests/rot.test: New test.
  • tests/rc4.test: Rewritten.
  • generic/c_opt.c: Rewritten according to 'doc/'. Ciphers done.
Mon Jul 14 00:04:52 1997 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • tests/zip.test:
  • tests/rs_ecc.test: Rewritten now.
  • tests/ascii85.test, uu.test: New tests, all conversions are checked now.
  • tests/hex.test:
  • tests/oct.test:
  • tests/base64.test: Rewritten, as with bin.test
  • generic/octcode.c,
  • generic/bincode.c,
  • generic/hexcode.c,
  • generic/uucode.c,
  • generic/b64code.c,
  • generic/asc85code.c: Added 'Tcl_ResetResult' to all error generating returns, to clear out any partial result written via 'PutInterpResult' (registry.c).
  • -- evening again --
  • tests/bin.test: Started rewrite of tests, to handle and take advantage of new syntax.
Sun Jul 13 22:16:39 1997 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • tests/common.all.test: New. Checks common behaviour of all commands, as implemented in 'generic/registry.c'.
  • generic/registry.c: Rewritten according to 'doc/'. Manual mini tests (hex, base64) ok.
  • generic/*.c: Removed all occurences of ADD_RES. Using 'Tcl_AppendResult' again. See May 29 too.
Wed Jul 9 20:40:20 1997 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • generic/rot13.c: New cipher: rot. Just fore fun, not for strength.
  • doc/man.tex (chapter {Copyrights}): Updated due to changes in the copyright of HAVAL. Added info about sabbatical leave in japan, and associated email address.
  • generic/haval.c: updated.
  • tests/haval.test: updated.
  • generic/haval.1996/havalapp.h,
  • generic/haval.1996/haval.h,
  • generic/haval.1996/haval.c: Changes made to old haval added in here too. See January 5 and 13. Retained original files, with suffix '.orig'.
  • generic/haval.1996/*: Added 1996 revision of HAVAL.
  • tests/md2.test: New file, tests from RFC 1319 test suite.
  • tests/md5.test: Added tests from RFC 1321 test suite.
Mon Jul 7 18:14:43 1997 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • doc/man.tex (chapter {Acknowledgements}): Update.
  • generic/digest.c (CreateDecoder): Fixed wrong assignment to c->writeClientData. (FlushDecoder): removed superfluous '&'-operators (c->digest_buffer). Both problems found by Hyoung-Gook Kimn <[email protected]>.
Tue Jun 17 19:07:42 1997 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • win/ (TRFOBJS): Added reflect.o, ref_opt.o.
Sun Jun 15 12:53:57 1997 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • doc/man.tex (section {Misc.}): Added documentation of general transformation command.
  • generic/registry.c (TrfInput): Tests showed multiple 'flush/read'. Corrected, added missing check for 'readIsFlushed'. Remembering mask of parent channel now, for attached channels. This is used to optimize away the calls to unused parts of a transformation.
  • generic/ref_opt.c (SetOption): Added forgotten 'break'. (CheckOptions): corrected wrong condition for mode-check (attached channels). Added default mode for attached channels
  • General transformation: First tests using 'identity'.
Sat Jun 14 21:43:06 1997 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • generic/ref_opt.c: Option processing for channel defined below.
  • generic/reflect.c: New transformation channel. Reflects the requested operations up into the script level. In other words: The real transformation is done by a script. DANGER: Will have problems with embedded \0's if used by tcl 7.6.
Sun Jun 8 09:14:24 1997 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • patches/v7.6p2: Added directory and files in it.
Sat Jun 7 18:31:55 1997 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • doc/install.tex (chapter {Patching the core}): Corrected information about working directories of the various patch files.
  • patches/v7.6p2/: New directory. The patches are the same, the prepatched versions of various files not.
Sun Jun 1 12:03:58 1997 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • ---------------- Release 1.0b3 ----------------
  • Compiled under windows, ok. Added reference to binary distribution to manual.
Sat May 31 00:04:27 1997 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • doc/install.tex: brought uptodate, some enhancements.
  • unix/ Removed references to a2 relase of tcl 8.0.
  • doc/man.tex: brought uptodate, some enhancements.
  • win/ (BINIO): see '--enable-binio' below.
  • --------- morning ---------
  • tests went through without problems.
  • trf now compiles again, without warnings.
  • tcl 8.0b1 with patches compiles, links and tests sucessfully (iocmd 8.8, 8.9 fail due to the new option '-byteorder').
  • patches/v8.0b1: Added directory and files in it. These are the patches to the tcl 8.0b1 core.
  • generic/binio.c: See --enable-binio below. Added the appropriate ifdefs.
  • unix/ (--enable-shared): changed to --disable-shared, making build of shared libraries the default behaviour. (--enable-binio): new option to enable compilation of 'binio' command. Default: NO compilation. See commands 'binary' and 'fcopy' of 8.0b1 for equivalent functionality.
Fri May 30 23:49:38 1997 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • generic/registry.c: compiles, only warnings due to unpatched core remain.
  • generic/registry.c (TrfExecuteObjCmd): Added CONST to 'objv', as required by new API. (TrfReady): Excluded for 8.0b1, due to new notifier mechanism. (TrfGetFile): Updated to new interface. (TrfRegister): Updated command creation to changed interface of 'Tcl_CreateObjCommand'. Updated initialisation of 'entry->transtype', due to changed notifier. (TrfWatch): Updated to changed notifier ('watchChannelProc' now named 'watchProc').
Thu May 29 21:16:05 1997 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • All files, with exception of 'unstack.c', 'binio.c' and 'registry.c' compile without flaws now. The named files depend (partially) on the patches to the core, and the C-API to channels. Near midnight, tackle them tomorrow.
  • generic/bc_opt.c (SetOption): see 'CheckOptions' below.
  • generic/zip_opt.c (CheckOptions): Removed special code to transfer string to object result. See below. (SetOption): changed 'long' to 'int' for 3rd arg. to 'Tcl_GetIntFromObj'.
  • generic/util.c (TrfGetChannel): Disabled this code, not required anymore, see below. See Feb 11 too.
  • generic/transformInt.h (ADD_RES, RESET_RES): 8.0b1 has smoothed out the problems arising from having two results (string, obj). No dependency on version anymore. Definitions left in to avoid immediate conversion of all affected files.
Wed May 24 22:11:25 1997 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • doc/man.tex:
  • doc/install.tex: Made urls into hyperlinks, at least in the HTML version of the manuals. Done in the last days.
Wed May 21 18:16:42 1997 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • PREPARE: use newly installed 'latex2html' to generate and distribute html versions of the manuals. The urls inside are currently not hyperized yet. -- switched from custom code to procedure now provided by 'makedist'.
Mon May 19 22:35:19 1997 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • doc/man.tex:
  • doc/install.tex: checked with 'ispell', added new message digests.
  • generic/ripemd/rmd128.c: see below.
  • generic/ripemd/rmd128.h: Made usable for AXP (64bit long's), added unique prefix to function names. Added tcl.h, _ANSI_ARGS_ to let it compile for K&R too.
  • tests/rmd128.test: see below.
  • win/ (TRFOBJS): see below.
  • unix/ (rmd128.o): see below.
  • generic/init.c: see below.
  • generic/rmd128.c: Added message digest RIPEMD-128.
Thu May 15 20:32:49 1997 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • generic/ripemd/rmd160.c: see below.
  • generic/ripemd/rmd160.h: Made usable for AXP (64bit long's), added unique prefix to function names. Added tcl.h, _ANSI_ARGS_ to let it compile for K&R too.
  • win/ (TRFOBJS): see below.
  • tests/rmd160.test: see below.
  • unix/ (rmd160.o): see below.
  • generic/init.c: see below.
  • generic/rmd160.c: Added message digest RIPEMD-160.
Sun May 11 21:36:46 1997 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • doc/install.tex, man.tex: Adapted to made changes.
  • generic/transformInt.h: Definitions concerning DES moved to 'loadman.h'.
  • win/ (TRFOBJS): Added the new files, named below.
  • unix/ Added rules for new files named below.
  • generic/init.c (Trf_Init): Added initializators for algorithms below.
  • generic/md2.c, rc2.c, sha1.c: New files. Glue to incorporate MD2, SHA1 message digests and RC2 block cipher. All are searched for in SSLeay only. WARNING: RC2 keylength is artificially limited to a maximum of 1024 bytes.
  • win/ (LIBDES): Removed this configuration variable. See Feb 26 too. Superfluous now, see below.
  • generic/loadman.c:
  • generic/loadman.h: new files, supercede 'libdes.c', which is removed from the distribution now. This manager allows for individual loading of functionality from a variety of libraries. Currently uses '' (SSLeay) and '' only.
Sat May 10 21:56:46 1997 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • first step to change from 'libdes' over to 'SSLeay' ('libcrypto').
  • generic/zlib.c:
  • generic/libdes.c: Changed to use the new functionality described below.
  • generic/load.c: New file. Used last the 2 functions of 'imgInit.c' (Img library, Jan Nijtmans) to factor out the common components of loading a shared library.
Mon Mar 17 18:18:05 1997 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • unix/ (distclean): removed 'patchlevel.h' from command, is part of distribution now.
  • patches/v8.0a2/tclIO.c (Tcl_GetHostByteorder): Had superfluous 'chan'-argument, despite correction in the patch.
Thu Mar 6 20:13:55 1997 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • Integrated patch send by Jan. Description: "Further on, I improved the test for the need of _eprintf.o, because I noted that sometimes _eprintf.o is included when it is not needed at all. Finally I implemented the LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable in tclLoadAout.c, such that it works the same as on other machines. See patches below. Both of these improvements are already in the current Img1.0b1, but they are useful in Trf as well."
Sun Mar 2 11:27:49 1997 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • PORTING: new file. database of porting notes, hints, tricks, etc.
  • generic/idea/idea.c (MulInv): Fred Meyer ([email protected]) had a problem with IDEA on its DEC Alpha. Tracked down to this procedure. Must not be compiled with -O, -O2 or higher. The overoptimized code will return 0 for many arguments, resulting in a bad decryption key. The option -O1 is possible though.
Sat Mar 1 15:50:50 1997 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • generic/binio.c (READ_CHUNK_SIZE): allow redefinition of value via makefile!. Default bumped up to 16k (4k before).
  • PREPARE: see below, generate uncompressed digest files.
  • tests/________: removed '-z', expect uncompressed digest files (More space required, but less dependencies (zlib)).
  • generic/registry.c: Bugfix in 'TrfInput' (-> Feb 14) caused the system to call read-flush twice. Noted due to doublesized results for message digests. New flag 'readIsFlushed' to prevent this.
  • doc/install.tex: Complete.
  • generic/registry.c (TrfInput): fixed bug regarding calculation of bytes to move down via 'memmove' (operands were in wrong order).
Wed Feb 26 18:31:50 1997 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • win/ (LIBDES): new configuration variable. allows usage of win32 binary distribution of SSLeay.
  • tools/ldAout.tcl: integrated patch containing small bugfixes. Sent by Jan.
  • doc/install.tex: new installation manual, nearly complete now.
  • added directory ''. Contains everything to compile zlib as shared library under windows (MSVC++ 4.2).
  • reorganized 'patches' directory. Every version of tcl got its own subdir.
Tue Feb 25 22:38:18 1997 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • generic/sha/sha.c:
  • generic/sha/sha.h: renamed typedef'd LONG to UINT32. Avoids collision with definition made by Windows. SHA finally ok under windows (see Feb 15 too).
Sun Feb 23 18:46:33 1997 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • generic/idea/idea.h: see below.
  • generic/sha/sha.h: Added check for compilation on DEC Alphas, define LONG accordingly.
Thu Feb 20 21:27:32 1997 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • generic/zlib.c (Z_LIB_NAME): Default is 'zlib.dll' now.
  • win/ (install): protect 'md' with -@ against errors (directory maybe in existence already).
  • tests/binio.test: added 'fconfigure -translation binary' to 1.8
Sat Feb 15 22:58:32 1997 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • tests/sha.test: don't execute 'sha-2.2' under windows. Uses 'cat' to beef up a 1000 character file to 1e6 characters. A more portable method is required to do this.
  • tests/binio.test: spots using '/dev/null' rewritten, removed dependency on un*x.
  • generic/b64code.c: see below, same thing.
  • generic/uucode.c: added explicit casts to all array initializers, MSVC was not unable to comprehend that they are 'char's or to convert them into such, at least silently.
  • generic/blowfish.c (BC_Schedule): added explicit casts from 'int' to 'short'.
  • generic/sha/sha.h: avoid 2nd definition of 'typedef unsigned long LONG' under windows.
  • generic/init.c: moved TRF_EXPORT definition and usage to 'transform.h'.
  • generic/unstack.c: same as below.
  • generic/binio.c: 'BinioCmd' static now, with proper declaration.
  • win/ integrated todays experiences with 'nmake'.
  • compat/tclLoadWin.c: added declaration to supress warning about unknown 'TclWinConvertError'. This procedure is internal to tcl.
Fri Feb 14 19:15:46 1997 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • win/ first stab at Makefile for windows. Constructed from '' and the makefile used by tcl itself.
  • generic/init.c: added prolog required for DLL generation under windows.
  • generic/registry.c (TrfInput, TrfOutput): Inserted usage of procedures for handling complete buffers, they are prefered over the single-character vectors. (TrfInput): corrected logical error causing the system to loose partial data at Eof on underlying channel.
Thu Feb 13 21:40:03 1997 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • -: The bunch of messages below resulted from my first try to compile trf under windoof. Some other messages, not recorded here, were due to the usage of an unpatched version of tcl. Note: The current stage of development in using the object interfaces compiles ok against 8.0a2, but NOT a1. The 'interp' arguments to the used functions were removed between these revisions. First thought at work: How the hell could gcc compile my code, containing such a grave error as supplying to few arguments to a function. Have to install 8.0a2 at work pronto.
  • compat/tclLoadWin.c: fixed some small problems in here. (dlopen): corrected declaration of 'intialized', added an 'i'. (UnloadLibraries): terminated 2nd declaration with ';'. (dlclose, UnloadLibraries): calls to 'ckfree' required casts. Had some more warnings, investigation defered to next try.
  • generic/digest.c (EncodeBuffer): signed/unsigned mismatch.
  • generic/util.c (TrfMerge4To3): The cpp's used so far don't understand an empty argument to a macro. Noop '>> 0' supplied now.
  • generic/binio.c (PackCmd, 'D', 'U'): Had wrong casts here.
  • generic/registry.c (TransformImmediate): signed/unsigned mismatch.
  • generic/rc4/rc4.c (rc4_prepare_key): see below.
  • generic/asc85code.c (Encode, FlushEncoder, Decode, FlushDecoder): see below.
  • generic/adler.c:
  • generic/crc.c:
  • generic/crc_zlib.c (MD_Final): added casts to stop MS VC++ 4.2 from complaining about conversion problems and loss of data.
Tue Feb 11 18:46:01 1997 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • 'binio', 'unstack' need conversion too.
  • -------------- tests ok.
  • generic/util.c (TrfGetChannel): Wrapper to 'Tcl_GetChannel'. Required by objectbased commands, copies the standard result into the 'objResult' of the interpreter. Automatically activated in 'transformInt.h', for tcl major >= 8.
  • generic/blockcipher.c:
  • generic/digest.c:
  • generic/rs_ecc.c:
  • generic/zip.c:
  • generic/b64code.c:
  • generic/octcode.c:
  • generic/hexcode.c:
  • generic/bincode.c:
  • generic/uucode.c:
  • generic/asc85code.c: changed result generation from 'Tcl_AppendResult' to 'ADD_RES'.
  • 2nd iteration through files named below, changed result generation from 'Tcl_AppendResult' to 'ADD_RES'.
  • generic/transformInt.h (ADD_RES): New macro. Used to build command results in a version independent manner. Its definition depends upon the tcl version!
  • generic/registry.c (Trf_Register): adapted validity checks to changed 'Trf_OptionVectors' structure.
  • generic/templates/opt_template.c: ok.
  • generic/bc_opt.c (SetOption): ok. (TrfBlockcipherOptions): ok.
  • generic/zip_opt.c (SetOption): ok. (TrfZIPOptions): ok.
  • generic/c_opt.c (SetOption): ok. (TrfCipherOptions): ok.
  • generic/dig_opt.c (SetOption): ok. (TrfMDOptions): ok.
  • generic/convert.c (SetOption): ok. (Trf_ConverterOptions): ok.
  • zipt_opt.c:
  • dig_opt.c:
  • bc_opt.c:
  • c_opt.c:
  • convert.c: adaption to object interfaces required here!
  • generic/transform.h (Trf_OptionVectors): added 'setObjProc' to structure. /* ********* POTENTIAL INCOMPATIBILITY at C-level ********* */
  • generic/transform.h: New prototype 'Trf_SetObjOption'. Object equivalent to 'Trf_SetOption'. Use VOID for Tcl_Obj if compiled against tcl major version below 8.
  • generic/registry.c (Trf_Register): Uses 'TrfExecuteObjCmd' if possible.
  • generic/registry.c (TrfExecuteObjCmd): New function, equivalent to 'TrfExecuteCmd', uses the object interfaces of tcl 8. Conditional compilation removes functionality for Tcl below version 8.x
Thu Feb 6 19:27:41 1997 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • Reorg. complete, distribution running again (unix).
  • unix/Makefile: corrected MANIFEST check, removed target 'depend'. Removed tests for 'makedepend' from ''.
Wed Feb 5 23:35:17 1997 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • : Reorganization for multiplatform development and use (unix, mac, win). Shuffled all files around. Adapted unix makefile to changes. Nothing for Mac and Windows yet. Rewrote generation of distribution (PREPARE, make-tape). 'DESCRIPTION' now central point for version information. The data obtained there is placed into all relevant files at distribution time (README, LSM, ...), especially 'generic/transform.h' and 'generic/patchlevel.h' (former names had '.in' suffixes). 'Configur'ing these files made it impossible to use them for Windows/Mac development. Note: 'PREPARE' is an file internal to the package. It contains tcl-code preparing the package for distribution (removing inofficial and/or internal files, manpage generation, ...). It is not part of the distribution however.
Wed Feb 4 21:18:15 1997 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • ======================= released 1.0b2 =======================
Fri Jan 31 18:43:29 1997 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • libdes.c:
  • zlib.c: use library names without path, use OS facilities for searching (LD_LIBRARY_PATH,
  • tools/ldAout.tcl: search for symbols did not account for capitals. Found after building libz.a without zsymbols.c
  • digest.c: had unsigned <-> signed comparison.
Thu Jan 30 22:32:45 1997 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • compat/tclLoadShl.c (dlopen): improved error messaging for HP-UX upon failed loads.
  • removed superfl. targets for 'zsymbols.o' and 'ld_sysmbols.o'.
  • use default (/usr/local) for prefix instead of NONE.
  • got patch from Jan fixing some minor things. see above ^.
Sun Jan 26 21:18:56 1997 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • binio.c (FLIP (in ReorderBytes)): corrected wrong indexing in first assignment. (UnpackCmd): added format-length and 0-padding to hex conversions (%x -> %08x, %08lx, %04x).
  • tests/binio.test: added tests for 'binio'.
Mon Jan 20 23:07:01 1997 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • binio.c (PackCmd, UnpackCmd): use Tcl_GetChannelByteorder to determine wether swapping is required or not. See entry at Jan 13, -> binio.c too.
  • added *.byteorder patches. These introduce a new channel attribute, the associated byteorder. It can be retrieved directly and via 'fconfigure'. Setting is possible by 'fconfigure' only. This is used by 'binio' to swap word information if required.
Wed Jan 15 19:07:12 1997 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • -- all changes below by Jan Nijtmans. All of Monday, Jan 13 was covered by his patch too.
  • cipher.c: See Jan 5, (XX). Some remains of same thing.
  • digest.c (DecodeBuffer, l.674): See below, this time the first argument of 'memcpy'. Cause of (##) ?
  • registry.c (TrfInput, l. 683): Added () around 'trans->result + toRead', some compiler (which?) choked without.
  • (line 261): SHLIB_LD_ALL must be set in all cases. Without it "make libz" and "make libdes" will work on Ultrix, but not on other machines.
  • zip.c: See Jan 5, (XX). Some remains of same thing, forward declarations forgotten.
Tue Jan 14 21:57:19 1997 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • (line 259): don't bother with -ltclX.Y if not running under AIX.
  • INSTALL: updated to reflect new search order.
  • changed search order: sibling directories before <prefix> paths. But commandline options (-with-tcl...) overide all.
  • all digests fail on HP A.09.04 (Bus error). Seems to be something in general code (dig_opt / digest). Had no time to study it further, but must be done. (##)
  • zip.c: See Jan 5, (XX). Some remains of same thing.
Mon Jan 13 21:41:33 1997 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • haval/haval.c: Most of conversion was already done (See Jan 5), with the exception of a single place (haval_tailor).
  • blowfish/blowfish.c:
  • blowfish/blowfish.h:
  • idea/idea.c:
  • idea/idea.h:
  • md5/md5.c:
  • md5/md5.h:
  • rc4/rc4.c:
  • rc4/rc4.h: See below. Most files integrated from external sources have this problem.
  • sha/sha.c:
  • sha/sha.h: added <tcl.h>, _ANSI_ARGS_ () generally to conform to JO's conventions for extension programming. Removed usage of ##-operator too (concatenates token processed by preprocessor). REASON: HP (uname -> 'A.09.04 B') choked on prototypes and the like.
  • (AC_PATH_PROG(MAKEDEPEND)): see below (-> depend). (sizeof int, long int): determine type sizes, required by 'binio'.
  • (BASE_SRC, BASE_OBJ): added 'binio'. (depend): changed 'makedepend' to '@MAKEDEPEND@', let configure determine its location. Use ':' if not found (as for the HP used by my employer).
  • binio.c: new file and command 'binio'. Based on Jacobs ([email protected]) proposal. Exception: reordering of bytes (see ### BYTEORDER ###). Need a flag to tell me the byteorder associated to the used channels.
  • ======================= released 1.0b1 =======================
Fri Jan 10 12:48:13 1997 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • registry.c (TrfInput): fixed error preventing read/gets from stacked channels to work properly (set trans->used to 0, then! used it, argh).
  • Added 8.0, 8.0a1 to search sequences.
  • doc/INSTALL:
  • doc/INSTALL.optional:
  • doc/man.tex: updated dependency information.
Mon Jan 6 19:14:20 1997 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • patches/core7.6.patch, patches/core8.0a1.patch: Added patch files for tcl-core to remove dependency on plus-patches.
Sun Jan 5 22:26:46 1997 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • --> Jan's patch integrated now.
  • adapted to changes in ''.
  • streamlined handling of Ultrix 4.4 and other Aout systems. External libraries now must have extension '.a'.
  • compat/tclLoadNone.c: changed to include all global symbols exported by libz and libdes resp. This forces static linkage on systems not supporting dynamic loading.
  • haval/haval.h:
  • haval/haval.c: changed header prototypes to _ANSI_ARGS_-notation of Tcl. Changed prototypes to K&R style.
  • registry.c:
  • unstack.c: Removed superfluous '&'s.
  • const -> CONST
  • asc85code.c:
  • b64code.c:
  • bincode.c:
  • hexcode.c:
  • octcode.c: (XX)
  • uucode.c:
  • rs_ecc.c:
  • blockcipher.c:
  • digest.c: I consistently used 'Trf_WriteProc fun' instead of 'Trf_WriteProc* fun' in declarations and definitions of 'Create(En/De)coder'. Severe case of cut/copy/paste disease. Found by an older compiler under Ultrix 4.1. Fixed now.
  • Back from christmas holiday. --> Integrate patch send by Jan at Dec 20, 1996.
Wed Dec 18 18:46:58 1996 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • ======================= released 1.0a3 =======================
  • PREPARE: change title of MANIFEST.
  • (distclean): removed MANIFEST from list.
Tue Dec 17 17:35:13 1996 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • c_opt.c:
  • rc4.c:
  • templates/c_template.c: extended interface analogously to message digests, blockcipher to allow dynamic loading. RC4 does not require this, but later functionality might do.
  • (depend): added -D___MAKEDEPEND___, see below.
  • transformInt.h: use ___MAKEDEPEND__ to hide 'zlib.h', 'des.h' during makedepend runs.
  • tests/sha.test: see below, added expansion of file 'sha.test.vec'.
  • tests/sha.test.vec: reduced from 1e6 bytes to 1000 bytes. Will be blown up at test time! Should reduce distribution size about 100 K.
  • doc/INSTALL.optional: new file, instructions and comments related to building shared libraries for ZLIB and LIBDES. --==** Important **==--.
  • compat/ld_symbols.c: see below, copied and modified. valid for libdes 3.23.
  • compat/zsymbols.c: new file, contains functionality to enable dyn. loading for a.out (Ultrix). Got from Jan. Valid for zlib 1.0.4.
  • transformInt.h: HAVE_LIBDES_H -> HAVE_DES_H.
  • compat/tclLoadNone.c:
  • compat/_eprintf.c: new files, for systems without dyn. loading, and to avoid problems with gcc and assert. Send in by Jan.
  • compat/tclLoadAout.c: new version from Jan, had problems on Ultrix due to some unknown symbols.
  • sha/sha.c (sha_final): removed superfluous '&' (sha_info->data, lines 170, 175, 177).
  • registry.c (TrfWatch): removed 'return' in void-procedure. Why did 'gcc -Wall' did not complain?
Mon Dec 16 18:29:27 1996 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • des.c:
  • bc_opt.c:
  • transformInt.h:
  • libdes.c: LIBDES will be loaded on demand now. Removed from distribution.
  • ZLIB removed from distribution, will be loaded if required (commands: adler, crc-zlib, zip).
  • adler.c:
  • crc_zlib.c (MD_Check): checkProc searches and loads 'libz'.
  • sha.c:
  • md5.c:
  • crc.c:
  • haval.c: no checkProc required.
  • dig_opt.c (checkOptions): Calls 'checkProc' now.
  • Extended interface to digests (Trf_MDCheck, checkProc).
  • zip_opt.c (checkOptions): load libz here.
  • (zlib): new target to make libz.
  • added code to enable generation of libz as shared library.
Sat Dec 14 19:17:56 1996 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • Integrated information from patch (*2). New directory 'compat' with dll-loading code for various OS (taken from tcl).
  • blowfish/blowfish.c (Blowfish_decipher): changed assignments 'Xl = *xl', 'Xr = *xr' to 'Xl.word = *xl', 'Xr.word = *xr'. The assigment to the union was accepted by gcc, but not Ultrix 4.4, cc3.0.
  • blowfish/bf_tab.h: The '\'s introduced by Jans patch (see *1) got through the Ultrix 4.4, cc3.0 preprocessor and let the compiler bark. Removed now.
  • blockcipher.c:
  • bc_util.c:
  • cipher.c:
  • blowfish.c
  • zip.c: see below.
  • md5.c:
  • haval.c:
  • sha.c (MD_Update(Buf), MD_Final): see below.
  • digest.c: all allocs now cast to the correct type (there were some casts missing, causing ULTRIX 4.4, cc3.0 to barf).
  • hexcode.c:
  • octcode.c:
  • bincode.c: encode uses table-lookup now, no more bitfiddling.
Wed Dec 11 20:54:10 1996 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • zip.c:
  • rs_ecc.c: Done too.
  • Got patch from Jan Nijtmans (*2) to load arbitrary dynamic libraries, enabling me to remove 'zlib' and 'libdes' from distribution. Integration defered until all and everything is updated to handle character buffers.
  • blockcipher.c: Updated to handle character buffers as well.
Tue Dec 10 21:22:02 1996 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • md5.c:
  • crc.c:
  • crc_zlib.c:
  • haval.c: All updated to handle buffers containing more than one character. For speedups see doc/speed/*
  • sha.c (MD_UpdateBuf): New procedure to handle a buffer of characters. Depending on input-size 'sha' is now ~2-3 times as fast.
  • digest.c (Encode-, Decodebuffer): New procedures to convert complete buffers. Use a procedure to convert a buffer of characters, if defined by the digest.
  • registry.c (TransformImmediate): read 4K chunks of characters now, instead one by one. Use a procedure to convert a buffer of characters, if defined by the transformation.
Thu Dec 5 20:19:31 1996 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • ======================= released 1.0a2 =======================
  • The last changes reworked the package installation to conform to the new standard set by the core: library and package index go into a subdirectory of the library directory (making it a sibling to tclX.Y).
  • (EXTENSION): set to Trf, the official name of this extension. (LIB_RUNTIME_DIR): use EXTENSION, VERSION to determine complete path. (install): target 'install-package' removed. (install-lib): install package index too.
  • got a patch from Jan Nijtmans (*1): - Addition of LIB_RUNTIME_DIR (needed for Solaris, otherwise the custom tclsh cannot find at run-time.) - Changed pkgIndex.tcl such that the library is only loaded when one of the commands are used for the first time (like memchan). - Add a Tcl_StaticPackage() call in tclAppInit.c - blowfish/bf_tab.h needs to be devided into 4 blocks with {}'s around it, otherwise a warning is given (gcc -Wall (aku)).
Wed Dec 4 20:18:20 1996 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • registry.c (TrfWatch): now forwards request to parent too.
Tue Dec 3 22:38:05 1996 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • digest.c: fixed problem regarding to 'XX->dest'. NULL's were not handled. Tripped by new 'TrfClose' in registry.c
  • tests: These were changed too, to use 'unstack $XX' instead of 'transform remove $XX head'.
  • registry.c: Twiddled with it the last 2 days to use the simpler Tcl_ReplaceChannel API, as propossed by J.Nijtmans. Now the package again compiles, links and passes all tests. // This is a branch //
Wed Oct 16 21:59:39 1996 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • tools/md: new example for generation and check of message digests. supersedes example 'md5sum'. independent of external script libraries.
Tue Oct 15 00:06:20 1996 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • init.c (Trf_Init): register new digests.
  • adler32.c:
  • crc32.c: added message digests algorithm contained in zlib as separate commands.
  • templates/cvt_template.c: see below.
  • templates/opt_template.c: fixed errors in template (clientData).
  • init.c (Trf_Init): register compressor.
  • doc/man.tex: added description of "zip"-command, extended chapter containing the references to external copyrights.
  • zip_opt.c: option processor for compressor.
  • zip.c: added compressor based on zlib library (authors: Jean-Loup Gailly ([email protected]) Mark Adler ([email protected])).
Mon Oct 7 22:55:44 1996 --- Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
  • Module ready for delivery. Starting official log now.

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