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History of gui.tcl

More work on the new recurse, now pulling proper help together. file: [b589780615] check-in: [a80facf2ec] user: aku branch: trunk, size: 4948
Option gui complete, in a basic form. options: Allow multiple onchange hooks. Added command to query type. ovalidate: Extended to allow specification of gui scripts, i.e. option type specific code. Reworked the standard types (added code, different names). doc.tcl: Updated the option definitions. testsuite.tcl: tool.tcl: options.tcl: gui.tcl: Created the configuration panel. Most of the setup is hidden in the option type definitions. Dropped the old INSTALLPATH code. file: [1ac946dbbd] check-in: [9b946e29c0] user: aku branch: gui-for-options, size: 4920
Added outline of the new gui structure, using a notebook and its tabs. Moved exit handling out of the action tab. Moved install path to the configuration tab. Musing about using multiple action tabs, one per 'category' of actions ... If yes, not yet, focus is on the options now. file: [b75656ff54] check-in: [7f9fdfc313] user: aku branch: gui-for-options, size: 4559
Start on extending the gui to allow the editing of the configuration, i.e. options. The ground was started on this with commits [4946938a63], and [571812bd8d]. Current change: Moved the creation of the action part of the gui into a semi-megawidget. file: [48ecb92751] check-in: [5090f86fa6] user: aku branch: gui-for-options, size: 4070
Updated gui code to handle the recipe renames of commit [571812bd8d]. file: [b106fba887] check-in: [8788559c4c] user: aku branch: trunk, size: 3739
Fixed gui todo: Clear work database after a run, allow multiple calls of the same recipe/goal/action. file: [e68ddabbd6] check-in: [fe3087bd92] user: aku branch: trunk, size: 3579
Refactored gui internals a bit, encapsulated button creation in helper commands. file: [8f6228c812] check-in: [0cc34ac52f] user: aku branch: trunk, size: 3594
Modified standard gui a bit. Nicer button labels, and sorted the help-related recipes to the top. file: [c2e3d2b8a6] check-in: [ef895dcb5f] user: aku branch: trunk, size: 3512
Reworked the option database, added hooks called when values change, to propagate it to derived options. Distinguish user and system choices, with the first having priority. Redefined the prefix and dir options making use of the new facilities. Added standard recipes to list options, and show the state of the database. file: [46507fa26f] check-in: [dd646f0636] user: andreask branch: trunk, size: 2954
Ignore null recipe in gui. file: [614733a5f7] check-in: [0731fd87cc] user: andreask branch: trunk, size: 2946
Fixed reorg bugs. Made tcl package detection more robust. Still to do: Find and using files owned by the primary file of a package. Tested, working in general. file: [452e613815] check-in: [f26a7fc9be] user: aku branch: reorg, size: 2921
Second big reorganization. Namespacified and layered the code, and made it all a single package, if split over multiple files. Incomplete, untested. file: [163ad3885e] check-in: [d20ad7dcbe] user: andreask branch: reorg, size: 2883 Added