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famfamfam_introduction(n) 1 doc "FamFamFam Icon Sets For Tcl"


famfamfam_introduction - FamFamFam - Introduction to FamFamFam

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  • package require Tk 8.5
  • package require Tcl 8.5
  • package require img::png
  • package require famfamfam ?1.1?


Welcome to famfamfam, a set of packages providing access to the same-named icon sets created by Mark James, at http://www.famfamfam.com/lab/icons/

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  3. FamFamFam - The Developer's Guide.

System Architecture

FamFamFam consists of one internal core package prvoding the commands shared by all the user-visible packages, and then one user-visible package per icon set made available, for a total of 5 packages (1 internal, plus 4 icon sets).

The user visible packages are

  1. famfamfam::flags

  2. famfamfam::mini

  3. famfamfam::mint

  4. famfamfam::silk

The internal package is not described here, as it is only of interest to developers modifying and/or maintaining famfamfam itself. As such its description is found only in the Developer's Guide.


famfamfam, icons, images


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