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Parents and children of check-in [ff5bdec2ca]

cmdr::config - Fix long-standing bug in forced parameter value calculation (method 'Force'). Any error in the calculations left the flag 'myinforce' set, causing a future invokation to believe to be in a recursive call and do nothing. While this had no effect on regular operation, i.e. where the using application exits after the command, in interactive mode this disabled checks and validations for the command in question, and also retained old parameter values. Fixed by putting a try/finally around the section, resetting the flag even in the presence of errors thrown by it. cmdr::config version bumped to 1.1.1. check-in: f74095b252 user: andreask tags: trunk
cmdr::help, cmdr::pager - Moved the paging support into a separate package, for use outside of the help code. Functiomnality tweak: Linenoise not supporting querying the height does not disable paging, just goes with a default height. check-in: ff5bdec2ca user: andreask tags: trunk
cmdr::help - Added option to forcibly disable the pager. check-in: a52e457615 user: andreask tags: trunk