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Parents and children of check-in [d1d45c1de3]

Added processing of options to officers. Note that this needs an updated tokenizer from Tcllib. Otherwise the main shell will treat cmd options as options of the tokenizer procedure itself, which breaks it. Help handling and generation is the only TODO left. check-in: 3230322f4d user: andreask tags: global-options
Started implementation of "global" options (and state) associated with officers and inherited to subordinates. Another way of sharing common options (like --debug, --trace, and the like) without cluttering command definitions via *all*. This commit has the specification changes done. Not yet done are recognition during cmdline processing, nor the needed changes to get uncluttered help output, nor the extended help output for officers. check-in: d1d45c1de3 user: andreask tags: global-options
Fixed varname typo in the error handling for escape code definitions. Plus extension of the general colorization command to allow use without a text. This simply returns the control characters. check-in: 509f2d765f user: andreask tags: trunk