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Parents and children of check-in [cd7539eb28]

cmdr::help - Extended the backend to invoke a pager if the help is too high for the terminal. Lots of things (not terminal, no support in linenoise, no pager) will disable this. Bumped version to 1.3. check-in: e15928b830 user: andreask tags: trunk
cmdr::actor, cmdr::officer - Fix bug introduced with revision [7ab77ead21]. The option handling added to "actor::set" in that revision means that the command "my set *command* ..." storing the actual command line (i.e. user information) can break, trying to interpret application specific option information as something for the internal command. Fixed by adding "--" to "actor::set"s option handling, and using it for the breakable command to force interpretation of the user data as such. check-in: cd7539eb28 user: andreask tags: trunk
cmdr::color - Need -prefixes 0 to avoid name/names clash. check-in: 27ba981e40 user: aku tags: trunk