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Parents and children of check-in [cabf535e47]

Bumped primary version to 1.2. Regenerated docs. check-in: 39c3c491d0 user: aku tags: trunk, release, v1.2, cmdr-1-2, release-1-2
officers/private * Renamed 'ehandler' to intercept. Documented the change. Kept the old name around, deprecated it. * Renamed 'shandler' to custom-setup, and documented it. Extended the implementation to support a list of customizations, instead of a single. * Fixed handling of *prefix* for --help. Code wrongly extended the local copy of the block, instead of the root copy. Updated docs, change information. Regenerated the embedded docs. check-in: cabf535e47 user: aku tags: trunk
cmdr::color - Add forgotten docs about new symbolic name. check-in: d1c012590f user: aku tags: trunk