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Table Of Contents


cmdr Cmdr - Main package and API
cmdr-changes Cmdr - Log of Changes
cmdr-howto-get-sources Cmdr - How To Get The Sources
cmdr-installation Cmdr - The Installer's Guide
cmdr-introduction Cmdr - Introduction to the project
cmdr-license Cmdr - License
cmdr-spec-dsl Cmdr - Introduction to the Specification Language
cmdr-spec-dsl-officer Cmdr - Officer Specification Language
cmdr-spec-dsl-parameter Cmdr - Parameter Specification Language
cmdr-spec-dsl-private Cmdr - Private Specification Language
cmdr-spec-flow Cmdr - Runtime Processing Flow
cmdr-user-helpformats Cmdr - Writing custom help formats
cmdr-user-vtypes Cmdr - Writing custom validation types
cmdr::actor Cmdr - (Internal) Base class for officers and privates
cmdr::config Cmdr - (Partially internal) Collection of parameters for privates
cmdr::help Cmdr - (Internal) Utilities for help text formatting and setup
cmdr::help::json Cmdr - Formatting help as JSON object
cmdr::help::sql Cmdr - Formatting help as series of SQL commands
cmdr::officer Cmdr - (Internal) Aggregation of multiple commands for dispatch.
cmdr::parameter Cmdr - (Partially internal) Command parameters
cmdr::private Cmdr - (Internal) Single command handling, options, and arguments
cmdr::util Cmdr - (Internal) General Utilities
cmdr::validate Cmdr - Standard validation types for parameters
cmdr::validate::common Cmdr - Utilities for Validation Types
cmdr_development Cmdr - The Developer's Guide
cmdr_dev~completion Cmdr - Internals of command line completion
cmdr_dev~dsl Cmdr - Internals of DSL handling