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Comment:Split the example file into many, and moved into the proper section.
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SHA1: d1f3c1d5eef02009eab39f25df970550d080bf63
User & Date: andreask 2015-04-22 20:42:41
say - Start on tests, and extended package to support output redirection, making the tests easier. check-in: 2cc0a755b9 user: andreask tags: say-more
Split the example file into many, and moved into the proper section. check-in: d1f3c1d5ee user: andreask tags: say-more
Fix small issue, clear header in a multi-line prompt, this is a fixed part we must not redraw on retry under this new scheme. check-in: defa6f6ead user: andreask tags: say-more
Unified Diffs Side-by-Side Diffs Patch

Added examples/say-barber-phases.

Added examples/say-barberpole-1.

Added examples/say-barberpole-2.

Added examples/say-counter.

Added examples/say-general-1.

Added examples/say-general-2.

Added examples/say-larson.

Added examples/say-larson-phases.

Added examples/say-percent.

Added examples/say-progress-1.

Added examples/say-progress-2.

Added examples/say-progress-phases.

Added examples/say-pulse.

Added examples/say-pulse-phases-1.

Added examples/say-pulse-phases-2.

Added examples/say-slider.

Added examples/say-slider-phases.

Deleted say-ex.tcl.