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Comment:Bring new docs into the trunk.
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SHA1: 6cf097e45a7a4712a322bde904e56e69c0e49879
User & Date: aku 2015-04-17 05:47:39
Pulled the new v-types and utilities into the trunk, making them official. check-in: 16b1fe812b user: aku tags: trunk
Merge latest trunk changes (new docs). check-in: 534d48e23d user: aku tags: more-vtypes
Bring new docs into the trunk. check-in: 6cf097e45a user: aku tags: trunk
Regenerated embedded docs. Closed-Leaf check-in: db133a5866 user: aku tags: doc-expansion
Fix bug in history mgmt for a save-file in a directory. Ensure that the directory exists before writing/creating the file itself. check-in: 06c0827602 user: andreask tags: trunk
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Changes to color.tcl.

Added doc/

Added doc/

Added doc/

Added doc/

Changes to doc/parts/

Changes to embedded/man/files/cmdr.n.

Changes to embedded/man/files/cmdr_actor.n.

Added embedded/man/files/cmdr_ask.n.

Changes to embedded/man/files/cmdr_changes.n.

Added embedded/man/files/cmdr_color.n.

Changes to embedded/man/files/cmdr_config.n.

Changes to embedded/man/files/cmdr_dev_completion.n.

Changes to embedded/man/files/cmdr_dev_dsl.n.

Changes to embedded/man/files/cmdr_dsl.n.

Changes to embedded/man/files/cmdr_dsl_officer.n.

Changes to embedded/man/files/cmdr_dsl_parameter.n.

Changes to embedded/man/files/cmdr_dsl_private.n.

Changes to embedded/man/files/cmdr_flow.n.

Changes to embedded/man/files/cmdr_help.n.

Changes to embedded/man/files/cmdr_help_json.n.

Changes to embedded/man/files/cmdr_help_sql.n.

Changes to embedded/man/files/cmdr_help_tcl.n.

Changes to embedded/man/files/cmdr_helpformats.n.

Changes to embedded/man/files/cmdr_howto_development.n.

Changes to embedded/man/files/cmdr_howto_get_sources.n.

Changes to embedded/man/files/cmdr_howto_installation.n.

Changes to embedded/man/files/cmdr_introduction.n.

Changes to embedded/man/files/cmdr_license.n.

Changes to embedded/man/files/cmdr_officer.n.

Added embedded/man/files/cmdr_pager.n.

Changes to embedded/man/files/cmdr_parameter.n.

Changes to embedded/man/files/cmdr_private.n.

Added embedded/man/files/cmdr_tty.n.

Changes to embedded/man/files/cmdr_util.n.

Changes to embedded/man/files/cmdr_validate.n.

Changes to embedded/man/files/cmdr_vcommon.n.

Changes to embedded/man/files/cmdr_vtypes.n.

Changes to embedded/man/index.n.

Changes to embedded/man/toc.n.

Added embedded/www/doc/files/cmdr_ask.html.

Added embedded/www/doc/files/cmdr_color.html.

Changes to embedded/www/doc/files/cmdr_dsl.html.

Changes to embedded/www/doc/files/cmdr_flow.html.

Changes to embedded/www/doc/files/cmdr_howto_development.html.

Added embedded/www/doc/files/cmdr_pager.html.

Added embedded/www/doc/files/cmdr_tty.html.

Changes to embedded/www/doc/toc.html.

Changes to embedded/www/index.html.

Changes to embedded/www/toc.html.