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Artifact cd84695ef9014cd57d0588a86ccc7f73b98cf537:

[def [file build.tcl]]
The main file of the [syscmd kettle]-based build-system.

[def [file doc/]]
Main directory for all documentation.

[para] Based on the [package doctools] package and tools provided by
[package Tcllib].

[def [file doc/figures/]]
Main directory for all diagrams and figures used by the documentation.

[para] Based on the [package diagram] package and tools provided by
[package Tklib].

[def [file embedded/]]
Compiled documentation (manpages and HTML).

Part of the repository for

[list_begin enumerated]
[enum] easy access from the repository's web interface
([uri {embedded documentation}]),
[enum] quicker installation (no need to compile during the
installation process itself).

[def [file tests/]]
Main directory for the test-suite.

[para] Based on the [package tcltest] package distributed with the Tcl