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Bounty program for improvements to Tcl and certain Tcl packages.
Tcl 2019 Conference, Houston/TX, US, Nov 4-8
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[manpage_begin [vset LABEL_SOURCES] [vset MAN_SECTION] [vset PROJ_VERSION]]
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[titledesc [vset TITLE_SOURCES]]
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The audience of this document are anyone wishing to either have just a
look at [vset PTITLE]'s sources, or to build the project, or to extend
and modify it. The list of [sectref {Related Documents}] provides
references to information for the latter two.

[section Location]

The official repository of the project is at [uri [vset REPOSITORY]].

A mirror has been set up at
in case of trouble with the main location.

[section Retrieval]
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[section {Source Code Management}]
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