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Artifact 59511380967816c798ca4eaacc05b1f5849e1ff5:

DSL to declare a tree of actions and their arguments.

description TEXT

	Help text for the officer, i.e. command.


	Declare private of given name, argument specification an Tcl
	command prefix to invoke when called on its action.


	Declare officer of given name with script of action
	specifications (same language).

default ?NAME?

	Declare the named action as the default to use when the
	incoming command word is not known.

	Without name make the last declared action the default.

alias NAME

	Declare the name as alias for the last declared action.

alias NAME = WORD...

      	Declare the name as alias for the command path in the tree.

common NAME DATA

	Store the named data in the associative data store.
	This is a separate namespace from the action names.