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[comment {-*- tcl -*- doctools manpage}]
[include parts/]
[vset VERSION 1.1]
[manpage_begin [vset LABEL_UTIL] [vset MAN_SECTION] [vset VERSION]]
[include parts/]
[require cmdr::util]
[titledesc [vset TITLE_UTIL]]
[include parts/]

This internal package provides a few utility commands.

[section API]
[list_begin definitions]
[comment {- - -- --- ----- -------- -------------}]
[call [cmd ::cmdr::util] [method padr] [arg list]]

When invoked this command pads all elements of the specified
[arg list] at their end with space (ASCII 32 decimal) characters to
make them all the same length, the length of the longest element in
the list.

[para] The modified list is returned as the result of the command.

[list_begin arguments]
[arg_def list list]
A list of strings to normalize in length by appending space characters
as needed.

[comment {- - -- --- ----- -------- -------------}]
[call [cmd ::cmdr::util] [method dictsort] [arg dict]]

When invoked this command sorts the provided dictionary by its keys.

[para] The modified dictionary is returned as the result of the command.

[list_begin arguments]
[arg_def dictionary dict] The dictionary to sort.

[include parts/]