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Bounty program for improvements to Tcl and certain Tcl packages.
Tcl 2019 Conference, Houston/TX, US, Nov 4-8
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Artifact 18886568d53c6b539e540d5d9a4ab500030fbbe1:

[vset TITLE_INTRO    "[vset PTITLE] - Introduction to the project"]
[vset TITLE_LICENSE  "[vset PTITLE] - License"			 ]
[vset TITLE_CHANGES  "[vset PTITLE] - Log of Changes"    	 ]
[vset TITLE_SOURCES  "[vset PTITLE] - How To Get The Sources"	 ]
[vset TITLE_INSTALL  "[vset PTITLE] - The Installer's Guide"	 ]
[vset TITLE_DEV      "[vset PTITLE] - The Developer's Guide"	 ]

[comment {- Custom documents & titles - - -- --- ----- --------}]
[vset TITLE_MAIN          "[vset PTITLE] - Main package and API"]
[vset TITLE_ACTOR         "[vset PTITLE] - (Internal) Base class for officers and privates"]
[vset TITLE_ASK           "[vset PTITLE] - Terminal-based simple user interactions"]
[vset TITLE_COLOR         "[vset PTITLE] - Terminal colors"]
[vset TITLE_CONFIG        "[vset PTITLE] - (Partially internal) Collection of parameters for privates"]
[vset TITLE_DEV_COMPLETE  "[vset PTITLE] - Internals of command line completion"]
[vset TITLE_DEV_DSL       "[vset PTITLE] - Internals of DSL handling"]
[vset TITLE_DEV_HF        "[vset PTITLE] - Writing custom help formats"]
[vset TITLE_DEV_VT        "[vset PTITLE] - Writing custom validation types"]
[vset TITLE_DSL           "[vset PTITLE] - Introduction to the Specification Language"]
[vset TITLE_DSL_OFFICER   "[vset PTITLE] - Officer Specification Language"]
[vset TITLE_DSL_PRIVATE   "[vset PTITLE] - Private Specification Language"]
[vset TITLE_DSL_PARAMETER "[vset PTITLE] - Parameter Specification Language"]
[vset TITLE_HELP          "[vset PTITLE] - (Internal) Utilities for help text formatting and setup"]
[vset TITLE_HELP_JSON     "[vset PTITLE] - Formatting help as JSON object"]
[vset TITLE_HELP_SQL      "[vset PTITLE] - Formatting help as series of SQL commands"]
[vset TITLE_HELP_TCL      "[vset PTITLE] - Formatting help as Tcl data structure"]
[vset TITLE_HISTORY       "[vset PTITLE] - Utilities for history management"]
[vset TITLE_OFFICER       "[vset PTITLE] - (Internal) Aggregation of multiple commands for dispatch."]
[vset TITLE_PAGER         "[vset PTITLE] - Paging long output"]
[vset TITLE_PARAMETER     "[vset PTITLE] - (Partially internal) Command parameters"]
[vset TITLE_PRIVATE       "[vset PTITLE] - (Internal) Single command handling, options, and arguments"]
[vset TITLE_TABLE         "[vset PTITLE] - Simple Table creation"]
[vset TITLE_TTY           "[vset PTITLE] - Check if stdin is a tty, i.e. terminal"]
[vset TITLE_UTIL          "[vset PTITLE] - (Internal) General Utilities"]
[vset TITLE_VALIDATE      "[vset PTITLE] - Standard validation types for parameters"]
[vset TITLE_VCOMMON       "[vset PTITLE] - Utilities for Validation Types"]
[vset TITLE_FLOW          "[vset PTITLE] - Runtime Processing Flow"]

[vset TITLE_VT_YEAR       "[vset PTITLE] - Validation type for years"]
[vset TITLE_VT_WEEKDAY    "[vset PTITLE] - Validation type for weekday names"]
[vset TITLE_VT_TIME       "[vset PTITLE] - Validation type for times (to the second)"]
[vset TITLE_VT_TIME_MIN   "[vset PTITLE] - Validation type for times to the minute"]
[vset TITLE_VT_POSINT     "[vset PTITLE] - Validation type for positive integers"]
[vset TITLE_VT_DATE       "[vset PTITLE] - Validation type for dates"]

[comment {- Miscellanea ............. - - -- --- ----- --------}]
[vset LABEL_INTRO         [vset PROJECT]-introduction]
[vset LABEL_LICENSE       [vset PROJECT]-license]
[vset LABEL_CHANGES       [vset PROJECT]-changes]
[vset LABEL_SOURCES       [vset PROJECT]-howto-get-sources]
[vset LABEL_INSTALL       [vset PROJECT]-installation]
[vset LABEL_DEV           [vset PROJECT]_development]

[vset LABEL_MAIN          [vset PROJECT]]
[vset LABEL_ACTOR         [vset PROJECT]::actor]
[vset LABEL_ASK           [vset PROJECT]::ask]
[vset LABEL_COLOR         [vset PROJECT]::color]
[vset LABEL_CONFIG        [vset PROJECT]::config]
[vset LABEL_DEV_COMPLETE  [vset PROJECT]_dev~completion]
[vset LABEL_DEV_DSL       [vset PROJECT]_dev~dsl]
[vset LABEL_HELPFORMATS   [vset PROJECT]-user-helpformats]
[vset LABEL_VTYPES        [vset PROJECT]-user-vtypes]
[vset LABEL_DSL           [vset PROJECT]-spec-dsl]
[vset LABEL_DSL_OFFICER   [vset PROJECT]-spec-dsl-officer]
[vset LABEL_DSL_PARAMETER [vset PROJECT]-spec-dsl-parameter]
[vset LABEL_DSL_PRIVATE   [vset PROJECT]-spec-dsl-private]
[vset LABEL_HELP          [vset PROJECT]::help]
[vset LABEL_HELP_JSON     [vset PROJECT]::help::json]
[vset LABEL_HELP_SQL      [vset PROJECT]::help::sql]
[vset LABEL_HELP_TCL      [vset PROJECT]::help::tcl]
[vset LABEL_HISTORY       [vset PROJECT]::history]
[vset LABEL_OFFICER       [vset PROJECT]::officer]
[vset LABEL_PAGER         [vset PROJECT]::pager]
[vset LABEL_PARAMETER     [vset PROJECT]::parameter]
[vset LABEL_PRIVATE       [vset PROJECT]::private]
[vset LABEL_TABLE         [vset PROJECT]::table]
[vset LABEL_TTY           [vset PROJECT]::tty]
[vset LABEL_UTIL          [vset PROJECT]::util]
[vset LABEL_VALIDATE      [vset PROJECT]::validate]
[vset LABEL_VCOMMON       [vset PROJECT]::validate::common]
[vset LABEL_FLOW          [vset PROJECT]-spec-flow]

[vset LABEL_VT_YEAR       [vset PROJECT]::validate::year]
[vset LABEL_VT_WEEKDAY    [vset PROJECT]::validate::weekday]
[vset LABEL_VT_TIME       [vset PROJECT]::validate::time]
[vset LABEL_VT_TIME_MIN   [vset PROJECT]::validate::time::minute]
[vset LABEL_VT_POSINT     [vset PROJECT]::validate::posint]
[vset LABEL_VT_DATE       [vset PROJECT]::validate::date]