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[subsection Linenoise]

The framework uses the [package linenoise] package in its implementation.
This package requires Tcl 8.5 or higher.

[para] Out of the many possibilites for getting Linenoise (OS vendor,
os-independent vendor, building from sources) use whatever you are
comfortable with.

[para] For myself, I am most comfortable with using
[uri ActiveState's]
ActiveTcl distribution and TEApot.

[para] See the previous section ([sectref Tcl]) for disclosure and
information on how to get it.

[para] Assuming that ActiveTcl got installed running the command

[example {
    teacup install linenoise

will install the package for your platform, if you have not done the
more inclusive

[example {
    teacup update

to get everything and the kitchensink.

[para] For those wishing to build and install Linenoise on their own,
the relevant sources can be found at
[uri] together with
the necessary instructions on how to build it.

[para] If there are problems with building, installing, or using
linenoise please file a bug against Linenoise, or the vendor
of your distribution, and not [package [vset PROJECT]].